Has this been done yet?

An mp3, CD, whatever. Beats. The DJ says Denjin Hadoken…bah bah bah (in rap or trance please). Chun Li SA2 (forgot the name)…bah…well you know. It can be plain as shit so long as it works.

EDIT: It could just be the game noises. (HA!+pshh!!) x 5

2nd EDIT: Definitely need a good announcer…I’d be satisfied with somebody similar to the game announcer.

3rd Edit is good but Action Movie Edit is the best. Feel like I’m in an old kung fu flick lol.

Ask a direct question sir.

Too many of these I think you’re hearing…

Oh yeah,

ask Dr sub zero show. Email, can you watch my friends youtube?

dem dudes rappin dukes bout the DragonBall Z and Street Fighter.

/ Hit em with a Raging Demon
/ Chun Li SA2?
/ Bitch I parry!!

Too often, I hear and listen to the wrong voice.
I am learning though…

Love your Oro pic by the way.

Trance and Electric has been done of course with SF2 Stage/Character themes. Using in game SFX for a whole song, yes. For clips here and there, it does work better.

Doing so for SF3, I would say, does not work. Though I only have one example of that. Misplaced somewhere.

Sources to look and find and not just me give them all to you since I may not find them all and have no idea what you’re asking for exactly besides saying “Denjin and Hyouku-Sen” to a beat. I don’t know how many music producers there are in the fan works sections around here, not SF3 forum here, and if they take such direct esoteric requests. Be specific with your plan and try as hard as you are driven to track someone down though.


  • Hyadain, nico nico and youtube
  • Street Fighter vs Street Musician, not many on u tub, one song named after the 910214 Arcade board ROM # designation


  • SF3 New Generation Arranged - INFINITY gets to rap on more than the various SF3 in game stuff, remixed by the real SF3 sound team talent. Tomboy, Sharp Eyes, Judgement Day, the ones without lyrics are fantastic, Good Fighter, Crowded Street [midnight version] with the saxophone “porn horn,” Leave Alone, 2 Jazzy NYC mixes, even Oro Cave man and Necro Get on a Train are included.

Of course real files can sound better than youtube’s low bitrates on audio.
And don’t rely on just this rehosted youtube link, damn… my old bookmark with the “porn horn top comment” long gone. Bcuz of yeah, terrible 1 person reports a copyright violation it goes down automated system. But for a 1997 only in Japan CD, where is there ever going to be money made off of that today?

  • SF3 remixes and his own spins on things experimenting in genres not just hip hop, DJKariu, youtube. You’ll quickly see that he’s beyond many an “OCRemix” circle jerk or just heavily modded and they don’t let many new artists in. Kinda fitting they soundtracked Sirloin’s HD remix game then…

-edit. Damn editied a lot in and it was erased with this nonsense forum error.

Isn’t there an Aegis Reflector rap somewhere?

Kind of.


Oh yeah forgot a good one.


Those top comments

If that one is kinda slow per your taste, harder faster drum machines here:



Probably not for everybody. “Like Funk NYC instead of Jazzy”



Drums make more sense loud here. Pretty interesting spin on classic Chun themes.



Back to a lesser one in BPM and hard drums, but more melody. Streets of Rage, Yuzo Koshiro composer vibe.

>> Playlist of artist Jelehu SF Concepts

Is the beats in my head pic available for wallpaper 1080p?

Dont know about 3s , but there is like a fuckton of commercial tracks that have sf2 samples. There are hip hop, rap, trance, jungle, electronic and rave music that have sf2 samples, it was very popular back in the days to use those sounds