Has David Sirlin gone off the deep end?


Sirlin accosts a developer of LoL and tells him his game tramples on the spirit of competition, and that it’s shameful.

Even from his own words it sounded like Sirlin made an ass of himself, then in the comments section his friend in the story pops up and confirm he made an ass of himself, and shouldn’t have been so insulting. Sirlin completely ignores the point he’s trying to make and compares Riot games to the KKK. Then he closes the comments section while he gets the last word in.

Anyone think he’s finally gone off the deep end? And lol @ someone who developed HDR Akuma talking about the spirit of competition.

So can a mod please lock this dumbass thread, like another thread about Sirlin is what GD needs.

What’s with the hostility?

Never understood how people fell for Riot’s business plan with Dota: Junior Edition. It is such an obviously bad deal for the player.

alcohol + internet = asshole

It really is shameful to put a forced grind in a supposedly competitive game. It really does trample on the spirit of competition. And I know it’s easy to gloss over the actual point I was making and insult me, but at least realize that the comparison to the KKK has nothing to do with severity of the offense. The point there is entirely the (obvious) point that if you want something out there in the world to stop, having it be socially unacceptable is a great way. It is currently socially unacceptable to casually tell people about your KKK meetings that you attended, and it would also be great if if were socially unacceptable for a competitive game to have any kind of forced grinding as part of the model. (Optional grind to avoid paying would be fine.) Why wouldn’t any serious gamer flame any company that is really contributing to the loss of even-playfield competition?

I also think it’s unfair to fault me for closing comments when there were dozens of pure troll comments with no content right after that. Not even attempts at discussion or anything. I didn’t see the point of more discussion anyway, since the point was completely made already. Pretty shitty of you to hold that against me and post about it here. Like to be an angel in your eyes, I should waste more of my time arguing with trolls in a comment section?

Maybe instead of insulting me and calling me names, you should focus on how competitive games as we know them are eroding away. The FPS genre is already highly infected with forced grinds. Fighting games and RTS are some of the last genres to escape it…for now. But really the days are numbered, just look at LoL. SFxTekken gems seemed to be immediately accessibles, so at least that was good news.

I don’t know why everyone wants to pick apart what sirlin says and does.

LoL is a perversion of one of the best competitive games thats ever been around. Its taking the Action RTS genre and making it dumbed down as shit and then making you pay them or grind your ass off to stay competitive.

The way they balance the game every two weeks should tell you enough to know Riot Games is a fucking joke. They nerf to death champions and then Buff other ones randomly so you have to have everyone and keep paying them.

This seems like a good thread to discuss M:TG.

Holy shit this game sounds awful.

it’s like i’m reading a furry’s diary

If you say his name, HE WILL COME O_O

Every thread is a good thread to discuss M:TG.

Because they have fun. Some people wanna work their way up on stuff. Not justifying Riot’s business plan but, it is what it is. People play spend more time on games they enjoy than ones forced on them because it is competitively viable.

Look at MvC3: game is filled with shitty ideas all over the place. But it is fun to play (or I should say, it is fun to wreck people with the Odinson). So regardless of how bad x-factor, TACs, and a bunch of other things are people keep playing it.

Holy shit games are about having fucking fun. Not everything is about “the spirit of competetion” some people just wanna kill some time playing a game they have fucking fun playing. Christ.

The game is nothing like what people described. I just started playing and you can play casually without having to pay. you can even play competatively, and dare I say it “PRO” without paying a cent. You do not need every character to be viable, even in PvP, but counters do play a large role in the game. They put characters on sale this week for a huge discount, and after playing very casually for about a week, I’m able to afford 10 out of 94 characters without spending a single cent. That far more than enough for me to continue learning the game and decide if I want to go all “pro” with it like street fighter. I definitely ain’t buying no gems package, that’s for sure. :tup:

The spirit of M:TG competition:

That has to be staged. Have those two thought about playing SF4 or MVC3? :rofl:

The problem with getting people to shun grinding is because, a SHAMEFULLY large amount of people actually think it’s a good idea.

Seriously, I was at a forum a few weeks ago and there was a voting thread on if unlockable characters in fighting games was a good thing or not. And 70% said yes.

You can’t get such horrible game design shunned until people start realizing how horrible it is. And that’s the real hard part. Because if someone has fooled themselves into thinking something boring is fun, then you can’t tell them otherwise without basically sounding like “STOP HAVING FUN YOU FOOL” or “I KNOW WHAT’S BEST FOR YOU BETTER THEN YOU DO SO PLAY THE GAMES I PLAY”. A sentiment that rarely gains support, even when legitimately called for. As a result, the rest of us get dragged down into the shitty grinding fest along with those who actually enjoy it.

Another example. I recently rediscovered a small forum where a lot of my old internet friends from several years ago still hang out. What disappoints me is that they basically never post about ANY game, competitive or otherwise, that isn’t the new Call of Duty or Battlefield 3. I’v tried getting them to talk about other games. I’v made threads and posted about other games. But no one ever responds or seems to care if it’s not a military fps of some sort. The option remaining, would be if I just made a thread that says what I’m really thinking, which is “STOP OBSESSING OVER MEH GAMES. PLAY STARCRAFT. PLAY QUAKE. PLAY UNREAL. PLAY STREET FIGHTER. PLAY A GOOD RPG. PLAY ANYTHING THAT ACTUALLY HAD CARE PUT INTO IT DAYUM. AT LEAST GET SOME VARIETY GOING AND PLAY ANOTHER DECENT GAME FOR ONCE” but then I know I’d just come off as a hipster asshole trying to force everyone to stop having fun and play indie games or some shit.

Wait…if that’s how you feel, then what’s the problem with LoL?

I don’t see how LoL is much of a grind anyway.

What’s surprising about that? People like leveling up and/or unlocking shit. They don’t give a fuck about how inconvenient it is for some tournament they’ve never heard of.

Sirlin, tell these guys to shut the fuck up.