Has anyone used GamerBridge GB-13?

I just wanted know if it’s good or not and if it has any lag.
For those who don’t know, it’s converts controllers so they can be used on different platform.

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you didn’t do a single one of these things

…keep on searching.

I did try Google.But I didn’t find any answers


ghats this



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This thread still doesn’t answer what is a Golgo 13 and how does it lag?

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If I understood the Engrish from the manufacturer’s website http://www.brightech.com.tw/gb131.html
You need a actual working and official Xbox One game pad or the PlayStation 4 Dual Shock 4 to work

There better devices that does the same thing, minus needing a official game pad to piggy back on.

The only review on Amazon gave it a 1 Star rating (the lowest you can give)

And this Trash product was discussed before BrighTech GamerBridge GB13
A year ago we advised the OP of the other thread unless he wants to take one for the team and do the testing himself go with a Brook Adapter.

Looking at all the adapters on the market, the gamerbridge gb-13 is the cheapest adapter on the market for the XB1 and PS4.
That tells me something, as I often try to explain to people you get what you paid for.

This is Golgo 13, it has no lag on the NES. I Don’t know what the OP is going on about.