Has anyone tried acupunture here?

As simple as that, tell me about what problem you had, what made you go there, your experience and results.


I had really bad back pain that pain killers wouldn’t even phase. My dad talked me into going there even though I was skeptical. This was about a year ago. NO back pain since whatsoever. I Had great results and it was very relaxing.

What I always wondered is how did they discover acupuncture. I mean did old Chinese guys randomly jab each other with needles until their arthritis went away? Did they their traditional religious beliefs about qi state that maybe if I stab you with a needle in a certain spot it might work, someone tried it, and it happened to work for whatever reason? Aliens?

does stabbing yourself repeatedly with rusty nails for no good reason count as acupuncture?

I’ve never tried it because it’s bunk-ass bullshit that doesn’t work.

See also: homeopathy, water dowsing, The Illuminati.

If you watch the documentary about ninjas, you’ll see that they’ve mapped the chi pathways around the body. The needles are actually pin missiles as seen used by bug pokemon, that when applied properly, will remove chi blockages allowing good chi flow and happiness numbah one!

Something like that.

Seriously, it doesn’t work. At most you may get some sort of placebo effect. How do I know this? Science.

July 2005 I was diagnosed with Bells Paulsy, facial paralysis if you don’t know. That will teach me to sleep three feet away from a fan. Whole left side was fucked…couldn’t move anything.

My girlfriend at the time was Korean and convinced me to go. The treatments were not covered by my medical so I had to pony up $60 for an hour session. Long story short…every time I got used to whatever torture this man had planned for me he would come up with some new, better way to torture me. The hot tea cup in my palm was the last straw…I never went back.

Fast forward to November 2005…I get like %80 movement back. I still to this day cannot move my left eyebrow, or my upper lip on the left side. Did acupuncture help me? I honestly don’t know the answer to that.

Accupressure is better… It’s like getting a massage, so it actually does something.

The whole new world order/Illuminati thing is all made up to allow and further the control of those who don’t buy standard media bullshit. You are always under thier control and always believe what they want you to believe.

In the event that you don’t believe in the Illuminati well you can ignore this then. But its true.

Only serious answers, please. If you’re against it, it’s completely ok, but I need to hear opinions about people that have experienced it.

I do not believe in them.

The thing with this is that it works if you think it works, ever heard of the placebo effect? Faith based healing works like that as well. Its really wierd when it works, but scientist can’t find reasons why it works when it works. If you honestly think that acupuncture can work, it will work to some degree because your brain is that powerful. Faith can move mountains, after all Faith is a big part of the equation of curing cancer. You can take the drugs and therapy, but if you don’t have faith it won’t do you much good. Still take it with a grain of salt like any traditional or new wave fad.

it’s funny that you know it doesn’t work because it’s science, and then in a very unscientific-like fashion neglect to mention why. lots of people say it’s unscientific, but their arguments against it are akin to “Well, do YOU think poking a bunch of needles into your body is gonna make you feel BETTER?”

note: just to clarify, because people here make misunderstandings lightning fast. I’m not saying I’m some sort of acupuncture defender. I don’t believe in it, I’ve never had it, I Just don’t know. but I’m saying I’ll believe a guy who says X is real and then notes his experience with X before I believe a guy who says “X isn’t real” and then proceeds to not list any reasons why

I don’t think faith works that way

With a name that starts with “pedo”, who would believe anything he has to say? Now leave the elementary school’s wifi network.

Don’t be jackasses and fuck up this guy’s thread…

He wants personal experiences with acupuncture/acupressure only…

Nobody gives a damn whether you think it’s non-scientific or not… some people have had good experiences with it…

No, but I’ve had acupressure done. There’s this little business at a mall right by where I work. I had acupressure done there last week and it got rid of the majority of the tightness I’ve had in my muscles, especially between the shoulders. I was having pain on the upper part of the back, but it’s mostly gone now and I feel better in general. What was also nice is that got rid of a lot of leg pain I was having to from standing up so much.

I can’t say for certain if traditional Chinese therapies involving Qi really work, which then raises the question of whether or not Qi exists (I kinda think it does).

but that is what faith based healing is, and how the placebo effect work. The mind is that powerful. Men often die when their life long partners die.

As for the cancer thing or hell you can extend it to a surgery that wasn’t supposed to work in the first place but does. Having that will to live and faith that you can overcome plays a big part. Im not downplaying the doctor involvment or skill, but faith helps a lot more than people want to give credit for. Which is why I said, if he honestly believes it can help in some way and he is willing to do it, it will help in some way because it provides comfort. Something modern medicine lacks. You have more control over your body than you think you do.

But my grandpa does that whole acupressure thing. It has helped people with tightness or muscle pain. acupuncture? that is more faith thing imo.

I didn’t come in here to start a debate about the validity of acupuncture. I just wanted to make a smartass comment that might amuse some people.

To be honest, accupuncture miiiiight do ‘something’, but I very very very much doubt it has to do with chi pathways. More likely it would be a combination of the placebo effect and some sort of nerve manipulation; I’m sure there are more qualified people who have put study into this.

To give an idea of how strong the placebo effect is, people literally buy water from homeopaths at extravagant prices and swear by the results.

I’m a pharmacist so I know about subpar treatments (including some of the real drugs on the market).

I think part of this thread is how these experiences come to be. and even if it’s not this is SRK, these dudes will hijack a thread to talk about how many cheezits they can fit into their mouth at a time

somewhere in there is a fallacy

faith based healing is generally for things that people feel very strongly about. for example no faith based healing is going to heal a finger cut. acupuncture isn’t noted to heal only all sorts of big bads, it gives small promises too. if the small promises can be fulfilled, I can’t agree that this is faith based healing

i see. just wanted to know what you meant. many people say what you were saying and were dead serious about it

I had alot of problems with the cyatic nerve on my left side. It just so happens a friend was going to a get acupuncture, we were going to hang out so I went with him to watch. Once the guy was finished with my friend the chinese guy said he’d do me free. He put the needles in and gave me a great foot massage, rubbed my ass for some reason lol then we left and i forgot about it. I dont believe acupuncture works, but I realized a week afterwards that I didnt have any more pain. And that was six months ago. So, no, in my case placebo effect is not the relief of my pain. I dont think acupuncture works…it was just coincidence.