Has anyone made a tournament video where one of the players playing give commentary?

Has anyone made a tournament video where one of the players playing gives commentary about their strategies and what they were thinking. It would be cool? has it been done?


Like saying… “OMG crouching kick walk up tick throw!” just as he does it?.. >_>

It’s been my dream for some time now.

It’d be embarrassing to lose to a guy on a mic calling out what he’s going to do.

I’m sure it’s happened.

I think he meants like how commentary on movies are done. Things like what was going through his mind at that point in time etc.

this was done before in one of the ECC dvds a while back by Nibor/SomeSpideyPlayer - we recorded a separate audio track about our comments on the match

Didn’t Alex Valle record casuals of himself playing 3S and other games against people on console, while commentating on strategy and so on? About a year ago? I think he made a thread about it in FGD when he came up with the idea.


Yeah, I’m pretty sure that what the OP meant was post-commentary - dubbing it in after the fact. This is awesome and more people need to do it.

Heck, I should start doing this with my match vids!

Commentary from the players or from a 3rd party? I say maybe both.

I think there was an old FFA ranbat where arly was giving a pretty good idea of strats

also good to loco for finding the vid where kokujin comments on himself

THe ECC dvd from 2003 had some good commentary in the CVS2 and MVC2 with the players giving solid info on whats going on and why there doing what there doing.

I will never forget Sabin (Arturo) commenting about the Cammy vs Rolento match had me ROFLING .

I was going to say look up any Gamers vision vids from TheShend (who fears Alpha 2 Dan) on youtube.


Not tournament, but…

Doing commentary WHILE you’re playing your match is the best thing you could possibly do

daigo with the full parry!!!

“Well I was thinking about what I was going to have for tea, but then noticed Justin did his super so I parried it, then got back to thinking about food again…”