Has anyone here ever repaired a Nintendo DS Lite?

I’m just curious if anyone here has ever repaired a DS Lite. I bought one used not too long ago that has a cracked hinge. I’ve seen a lot of shells for sale online so I wanted to replace that. I also accidentally messed up my touch screen.

I was curious if anyone here has ever repaired theirs. The touch screens I see for sale are supposed to work for DS Lites but they aren’t from the same manufacturer. If anyone has replaced their touch screen, is the sensitivity worse?

I’d recommending calling up Nintendo for a quote. They’re known for customer service, and may fix the thing for less than you’d spend repairing it.

Yeah, they charge 90 dollars to fix that. The only options I’m considering are: self repair or selling the system on as-is on ebay and just buying a new one.

I changed the shell of my bro’s DS a few months ago (broken hinge as well). He bought the replacement shell off ebay and it cost him $21 w. shipping included. The seller has a website that gives you step by step instructions. I’m pretty good at tinkering with gadgets and everything took me about 1.5 -2 hours. If I have to do it again it’ll probably take me 30-45mins.

Being that you have to replace your touch screen as well you might be better off just buying another DS, unless you have the time and you’re willing to take on the task. Microcenter sells refurbished ones for $80.

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