Has anyone found a Pelican PS2 > PS3 adapter at Gamestop recently?

The adapter thread says that they can be found used at Gamestops. I’m going on vacation soon and it’s about a 4 hour drive with about 20 Gamestops between here and there so I was thinking about checking all of them along the way. But I kinda want to know what my chances are of actually finding some. If it’s too big of a long shot then I won’t waste my time.

On the other hand if they’re fairly common I’ll buy all the ones I can and sell them at cost to SRK.

They are not fairly common.

I’ve seen posts where people have driven around a large town and scored a few of these. I don’t think they’re all that common either, but they do sell for like $2.99 if you stumble on to one. People occasionally post these for stupid cheap on eBay when they don’t know their value. A guy bought two for $10 recently.

Hrm, if they’re that hard to find I may just call every Gamestop from here to there and ask them. Although dealing with a Gamestop employee over the phone is like trying to talk a wild monkey through putting together a new computer. Well maybe it’s not that bad, but you really do have to hold their hand. If I ask for a Pelican PS2 to PS3 controller adapter I’m likely to get a dozen places who end up handing me a memory card adapter and another dozen who give me a copy of Pokemon Magenta or whatever their new game is.

Like you said, I wouldn’t trust an employee to know what that is.

You: I’m trying to find an adapter to use a PS2 controller on my PS3.
GS: You what? Why? You do realize that the PS3 controller is wireless and nearly identical to the PS2?
You: Yes, but I’m trying to use it in conjunction with an arcade stick.
GS: …

Do these adapters work for playing PS2 games on PS3?? It’s pretty obnoxious not being able to use my Madcatz stick for AC+.


Backwards compatible PS3. Madcatz Fightsticks don’t work in PS2 games (Cthulhu works though).

probably not.

Quoteth the MarkMan:

The converter is also compatible with both PS1 and PS2 games being played on the PS3 via backwards compatibility.

No retail store will sell pelicans because sony threatened to sue unless pelican stopped making them and took them off shelves.

That’s why they were everywhere one minute and disappeared almost overnight. You’re only going to likely find them at Mom and Pop game stores, or if you’re lucky a Gamestop literally out in the middle of nowhere might still have one. Otherwise forget it. :sad:

That’s really damned interesting considering I hadn’t heard this before. Do you have a source?

Well not too long ago someone posted up the link to check in-store availability at Gamestop, and plenty of people still found them.

So I’m thinking the stores will still sell the trade-ins at least.

Found one at a Gamestop in the middle of the city. One of the Gamestop’s did say that “it’s illegal to sell those”. I laughed a little because I thought it was insanity, but it turns out Sony really did bitch about it.

I wish I coulda got more so I could sell them to you guys. I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

Why did Sony force Pelican to take off the adapters?