Has anybody used a LCD Monitor (DVI) for a PS3?

I’ve always wanted to play my consoles on a PC monitor but never bothered to get the right card/tv-tuner. Now I found a HDMI-to-DVI cable so now it seems possible. All I need now is an LCD monitor.

But before I buy it, I want to know if the results are satisfactory. So does it work flawlessly? Are there bugs? If so, are they fixable?

I use to have mine hooked up on a Samsung 216BW, and it worked fine; it was quite an upgrade from my SDTV that’s for sure :bgrin: If you’re monitor doesn’t have built in speakers then you’ll have to get some speakers to hook it into.

Thanks for the response! I’m aware of the speaker situation and it’s not a big deal.

I’m just curious though, how does it really look? Is it more along the lines of SD or more like HD? Are there every and slow-downs or flickers? Oh, and what type of wiring were you using? I’m just wondering in case some models have HDMI ports built in or something.

My monitor’s max resolution is 1680x1050, so as far as picture quality went it qualified as HD, and since the ps3 automatically checks to find what kind of resolution your screen has, it’ll give you some recommended outputs. I’ve never experienced any slowdowns or flicker personally, but then again it could depend on what kind of monitor you have/will be getting. For wiring I used HDMI-to-DVI. If you’re worried about picture quality or problems I recommend doing some research on whatever monitor you might be interested in, and if you’ll be gaming a lot on your monitor look into a monitor that has a response time of 5ms or less.

Thanks so much, Feather! I will definitely do more research so I don’t come back here blaming you for all my troubles, lol.

Take a look at this

LCD HP W2207h


I’m thinking in buying this one :slight_smile:

Ooh nice find! I don’t know if that’s in my price range but at least I know there is stuff out there that works nicely.

Just a heads up, a 19-21" widescreen will technically max out at 720p typically, and you’re gonna have to get about a 24" to get true 1080p. It will still look great on a 19-21 though (1680x1050)

I was doing the same thing last week and I ran into some major problems. Make sure your monitor is HDCP (High Definition Copyright Protocol) compliant. This is some lame copyright protocol put into the PS3. To display HD resolutions through the HDMI the monitor has to be HDCP compliant. There are a few ways around it, but its a trick as it is physically implemented into the monitor. You can get a box to convert the signals, but it will run you $100-$150. I dropped the money on the HDMI to DVI cable, thought everything was cool but I didn’t get any picture. This is a relatively new standard, so be sure to double check your monitor before you buy non returnable cables like I did (they were open items on sale, deal!) If it turns out you can’t run it thought the HDMI your best bet is to get a component-vga converter. Those will run you $75 +shipping.

Hope this was helpful

If I were you I would go ahead and get a vga box to run it. The one that I bought does 1680x1050 and upscales the image to that resolution. It looks great check it out here.

I am using my ps3 on a samsung 226bw :wink: and my PS2 on a samsung 930bf using a tv box (I got some lag with this but its bearable).

Thanks tetsuosan for that tip I will take a look :smiley:

^ This. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.