Hardest PSN trophy?!


In Guilty Gear and Heavy Rain, you get a trophy for just starting the game up.

getting trophies for not doing anything lol
look at these .detuned trophies

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 has to be the hardest game to platinum in my opinion.

Metal Gear 2… You need a playthrough on each difficulty, AND beat the 400+ VR missions…

Doesn’t sound that hard, just time consuming. I’ve beat it on every difficulty. The HD collection doesn’t have the ‘european extreme’ difficulty too, just extreme. Also there only a few really hard VR missons.

Do you really want to know what are the hardest PSN trophies? Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena MP trophies. NOBODY plays that game online, and I mean absolutely nobody, so they are in all essance impossible to get. Plus the trophy descriptions themselves tell absolutely nothing about how to actually get the trophy.

Different levels of what’s considered hard…
Some could call King of Fighters 13 hard because of the shitty online… In fact, I almost have this platinum… I’m missing the 5 & 10-streaks, the 100 wins, and the 100 & 300 online match trophies.

Some could call Arcana Hearts hard because of the individual tasks being so tedious.

Some could call Wipeout HD hard… because well… it is…

DYAD is fucking hard too…

But for me, playing through all of MGS2 that many times is a fucking bear… especially considering you need to get ALL of the dogtags on each playthrough… No thanks.
It’s the hardest of all the MGS games on PS3, easily.

Lost Planet 2 is also apparently difficult, as according to PSN, it has the least amount of platinums compared to the amount of people that have it on their accounts. It’s on my account, but I never played it… Bought it, got preoccupied with Bayonetta and then other games came out that caught my attention instead, and it was sold. Yes, I research platinums now… I’ve become a fucking lame ass trophy whore, even though I only have 1 platinum… I lose patience too quickly, and I get bored of games so I stop playing them… I’m 2 trophies away from God of War Chains too…

Want an easy platinum? Tekken Tag 2…

@yomipower - there are people that would boost with you.

There is one CoD game, I think that’s actually impossible to get now because the online servers are gone.

Hardest plats for me are:
[]FINAL FANTASY XIII & XIII-2 - Stuck at 70% for both, not too tough but takes a LOT OF TIME, GRINDING, AND PATIENCE
]ALL 2K or sports games before 2013 because servers are down lol.

Super SF4 was tough. Every mission plus c rank with every char.

Mega Man 10 trophy “Mr. Perfect”: Beat the game taking no damage.

Easily the hardest trophy I’ve ever seen. Only a silver too.

them dead games like avp :frowning:
shame avp was fun

beat arcade mode on MvC2 :frowning:

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 is leagues harder than that trust me. It’s one of the hardest platinums to get on PS3 period. It took me a month but I had very good partners for the brutal online co-op. Some how team ninja thought it would be a good idea to put 3 master ninja difficulty bosses who can kill you in one hit to fight in a circular arena. Once you kill them there are 2 more, it’s just ONE of the brutal things you must achieve in this plat. Vanquish is another one due to the infamous challenge number 6 which I have as well. :wink:

These are the hardest plats confirmed by platinum hunters:
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 (More people have it now due to the hype of difficulty)
Lost Planet 2 (Not a fan of the game but you must enter the top leaderboards aka set a very high world record)
Gran Turismo 5 (It takes 600hrs) I’m not making that up lol.
Vanquish (Challenge number 6 is skill and skill only but if they made you beat god hard this would jump the list)
Fight night champion (Must beat the current online champion and take his belt) Some people purposely share the belt by making alt psn accounts and play on 2 different ps3s to hog it…

Hardest plats I have:
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2
Yakuza 3 (High difficulty score on ps trophies requires you to master brutal minigames)
Demon Souls
Dark Souls (Both these games take 100+hrs and were the original hard plats to get but due to the hype they are very common and tbh not as hard as the other ones)

At the end of the day if you want to chase plats that is cool but make sure you love the game enough. I have a person on my list who has 80+ plats but he does weird things like plats two different regions of the same game lol. World record holders have 200+ but they are rumoured to be multiple people using the same account. I’m very picky with what I play and I don’t have time time nor money to go that crazy lol. I only have 18 plats, 15 on my main account and 3 on my sub. There are some peeps here on SRK who have 40+. Platinum’s will always be the hardest single trophy in most games since they require you to master games and some games are either long grinds or very hard.

That’s probably the hardest non-plat game to 100%… Shit’s bananas.

I’ve heard that WarHawk was among the hardest platinums simply because of the amount of time you need to invest in the game (1000+ hours). WipeOut HD is also quite challenging.

WipeOutHD is fucking hard… There are a few that make it damn near fucking impossible… That speed lap at 30 seconds or something… IS FUCKING HARD… just sayin.
Back to MGS2 for a second - part of the playthrough is that you need to get EVERY dogtag on every difficulty… Which is a PITA…

I agree with Sarangha about the “only platinum if you love the game” thing…
Going for plats in games you hate make you hate gaming more than anything else…

Hardest PSN trophy imo would be “Tactical Challenger” in Vanquish. I haven’t gotten around to playing it again & trying to plat. the game, as it’s the only trophy I need.

Another hard trophy I’ve come across is “Late Boomer” in Super Stardust HD. That trophy was a pain to get!

Dude I know you can get the Vanquish plat you are so close lol. Just memorize where enemies spawn and master the roll/boost cancel. I think Yeah Dood is close as well, so get on that!

That is something I forgot to mention, yeah warhawk is definitely up there. Wipeout HD as well, which reminds me I should get that game sometime it looks really fun.

One day lol. I’m playing Batman: Arkham City, PS All-Stars & just started DMC.
Finishing up Sonic Adventure DX. Haven’t started on Z.O.E. HD collection, Sonic Adventure 2 & MegaMan 9 & 10… :lol: