Hardest Character to learn?

Who do you think are some of the hardest characters to learn and master. As in, learning their links, set ups, matchups, etc.

IMO I thinks it’s Vega, Guy, Makoto, and Gouken. But what does the community think?

Vega and Viper.

M. Bison and Balrog.

my character

Gen by far.


Viper. Why is this even a discussion?


Speaking as a Gen main, his supposed difficulty is really overblown. The Vanilla mk-hands loop required some real dexterity, but his post AE repertoire is of average difficulty at most.

gen and vega for sure

This has been asked tons of times but anyways here is my break down:

Hardest overall: Makoto, Gen, Vega
Hardest links: Vega, ElFuerte, Viper
Most difficult due to character specificity on moves/setups: Akuma, Gouken, Hakan
Most Manual dexterity required: Gen, Viper, Elf

That is of course my opinion entirely.

hakan is extremely hard, maybe not top 3 buts i could say 5th. he has a lot of charecter specific crap, but for him to keep that oil on and go hard… its a challenge.

maybes thats changed since 2012 though.

The question is who the fuck cares? Go ahead and practice links and setups all day just to lose to a Guile who beats you with pokes and anit-airs.

Uhmmm…why Vega?

That motherfucker has great walkspeed, great pokes, best kara throw in the game and did I mention he has great pokes?
Yes, his links ARE hard, but it’s not like he has to rely 100% on them to win like other characters, and even if he fucks up, he’s safe anyways most of the time.

It might be difficult to win with him because he has a terrible wake up, but hard to learn and play? Really?

I don’t think the OP was asking what character is most difficult to become a pro with. Given the nature of the question (that has been asked in like 5 threads btw) , we’re probably talking about casual play anyways. Pick a random scrub and give him vega for a month, then pick another and give him Gen/Viper/Gouken/Gouki/Elf/Makoto/Hakan and see who wins.

it should only take like an hour to get past executional barriers
trying to get wins with rufus is probably the hardest since everyone knows how to beat him and he has the least amount of answers to anything

An hour? Then you’ve never tried to learn Gens common combos. He also has a ludicrous amount of character specific setups to keep track of.

I’m seeing a lot of Gen and Vega.

I hope I’m being Trolled…Viper makes them look like the tutorial.

i do play gen from time to time, its all muscle memory but he generally hits all crouchers with the same combo
which is easier (to me) than fei’s cr.short x3 > jab xx reka

not sure if fucking serious

Damn, I got baited

Having not played any street fighter a whole lot before, Viper seemed to make the most sense to me. The execution is mostly stick wiggly stuff, the timing windows are no harder than other Street Fighter characters and the footsies/neutral game I find a little easier to deal with as it’s more positioning dependent like in other games.