Hardbody F.C. - Why are you so Free? Edition 9/17 7PM-All Day son

West Coast.

Don’t be early.


HDTV1 58" plasma - SFIV
HDTV2 23" Asus Evo Monitor- SFIV or etc…
SDTV 27"- Marvel DC set up
Cabinet - Marvel

My place is not very big, around 500 sq. ft., so I cannot hold THAT many people.
This is where I live:

1828 11th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122 - Google Maps #205

Park in the back in angled parking.


  1. I do not put up with shit. Self explanatory since my time is money.
  2. Do not be HELLA loud. I have neighbors so be reasonable.
  3. If you like touching my shit, put it back where you found it.
  4. Let me know you are coming. I doubt there is huge interest in coming to my place, but I do not want to have HELLA people try and show up with only two set ups going.

PM for my number.

So far we have:

Evan Wennizzle
Keith “Mo Money Mo Problems” Hwang
"The Asian Sensation" Brian MA
Nolander the Immortal (tentative)

I would rsvp, but I have plans starting at noon. I’m not sure if I’d be able to make it. But I highly recommend that others check out Pablo’s condo. It’s always enlightening to see how the better half lives.

Thanks for the kind words keith. All I want is for people to turn on beast mode when it comes to marvel. Marvel is not a game it is a way of life, please believe.

I’d love to go. Maybe I’ll bring over my stick and you guys can tell me to put an iL stick in it and then maybe I’ll finally do it.

You must join us at the congregation. So far it looks like it is going to be an all UW affair. You will fit right in.

Sweet. I will dial your digits later in the day. I will press the buttons on my phone that make it send signals to your phone.

Then I will ask you where you live. I will say, “Um, what’s your address?” I’ll write it down, then I’ll put it into google maps.

I’ve got a motherfucking plan, motherfuckers.

I haven’t played Marvel since the last time I was at Zach’s, so you know my shit is raw.

How late are you guys gonna be playin? I need to practice pretty badly, but I have to work till 7, and prolly have some shit to handle a little bit after that.

Probably very very late, since I do not work tomorrow. Brent is coming late as well.

So the time is more like 7pm-???

It’s not about East or West. It’s about niggas and bitches. Power and money. Riders and punks. Whose side are you on?

Um, I’m not sure. First I looked at my white, white skin, and said “Power and money?” Then I looked around and noticed I did not have a whole lot of those, so I guess I’m with the niggas and bitches?

I’m so very close to buying a motorcycle. I want one, bad. I’ll go with rider.

I did own a street bike at one time though.

Edit: http://www.fujibikes.com/2005/bikes.asp?id=12 That’s what I had. It was stolen on campus, though. That’s $500 I’ll never see again.

Bicycle thieves are wack. :frowning:

You should maybe check out Craigslist, though? Lots of people sell their bikes on there, could save you a couple hundred on a nice street bike.

Nah, I’m through with bicycles for the moment. Plus, Craigslist is shady most of the time.

See everyone tonight, fellas.

this is fishjie

me and william dropped by to say hi

but were gonna leave soon cause were tired and need naps

Pablo, you need a better password than "hardbody."
Jie and Will just hacked your account.
No, “realtalk” and “allday” are not better passwords.

Sorry guys, looks like I’m not going to be making it tonight.

If anyone wants to head down to Narrows sometime this week though, I’ll see you then.

Beast mode all fucking night.

Who the hell is Channa?

You know. Channa.