HAPPY SF4 DAY!......well not quite yet!

so aside from the dtv conversion this month, I gotta say that everyone else on this forum is looking forward to the release of SF4. so what are you doing SF4 day? of course playing the game all day long, but where at? when and for how long?

the point of this thread I think is to see what the srk homies got planned as far as gettin together and getttin some casuals in.

i requested the 18th and 19th offa work just for SF4 and plan on getting shit faced, possibly high, and eating pizza for those two days, while playing SF4 of course.

so, is there a gathering of srkers anywhere?


Well, my bank account just got charged for the SFIV CE I ordered from deepdiscount. It’s set to 2 day shipping so hopefully I should get it on release day.

I also have a TE stick coming in from Amazon, which I order in November.

Lastly, I plan to pick up the 360 version with a target giftcard I got for my birthday on or around release day.

After I have all that, I plan to have some casual goings-on at my apartment with 2 SFIV setups.

on the 18th im going to be throwing down with all my friends at my place, watching the anime that comes with the CE and on the 19th im hosting this…


took the whole week off to play SF4. I got the CE for the xbox and pre-ordered the TE stick. I want to pick up a regular fight stick as well and void that warrenty ASAP.

I’ll be on playing on LIVE mostly. My brother will be coming over that week on Saturday and we’ll do a all nighter


probly gonna need some buds to get through the anime movie lol, im watchin that before i play.
but i guess ill just be at my house and by then ill have my TE stick so i can start getting some serious practice in, ill probly end up playing all night into the next day untill we go get some breakfast or somthin.

Cramming my school studies so I can enjoy SF4 that week. After Weds. its SF4 all day everyday til Tuesday when I have class again.

Will be playing on XBL, and beasting on Manco Saturday night.

Very Nice! I’m excited to play Viper. She looks fun to play.

:nono: I don’t think so

Local GameCrazy doesn’t even know if it’s street dated yet. I want to take my days off, but I don’t even know if I should take the 17th or the 18th off. Regardless, I’ll be spending the first night unlocking as much as I can. When I get tired of it that night, I’ll probably hop online and get those first few “win xx online ranked matches” achievements.

I took the 17th off. I’ll be a bit irked if I wasted vacation time on the wrong day…


Skip to 45 seconds

I think you did cause the game SHIPS then…

This is what I’ll be doing on the 17th:

(just in case, you may not want to click it at work)

Finally got the preorder on the game completely paid off, now just have to finish collecting parts for building my custom joystick. Trying to make one this time that’s not so much a random box of haphazard wiring (like the ones I built 6 or 7 years ago), but one more modeled off of the TE stick’s features.

Always a fun project, but time-consuming and still fairly expensive overall. I think next time I’m just going to try to wire a PCB into the Wii Fighting Stick we got and see if I can’t make that thing dual-purpose.

And with the return of Sean, the SFIV release can be fully enjoyed by the Northwest fighting game community at large. :tup:

ok, went to gamecrazy and they assured me that the game will be in the 16th for midnight sale 12:00 AM february 17th.

they said that even if street date is 17th, they’re authorized to sell it as soon as they get it.

Those of you who actually care about the fightpads in addition to the sticks, Best Buy is carrying them. Like, right now.

Went to the Best Buy in Silverdale and they only had one of each. But dang, they had them hella early. Picked up a Ryu one. SICK!

If you preordered a stick from gamestop.com and got overnight shipping, you should be getting it either today or tomorrow.

Good one Jeff. I also enjoy this one: [media=youtube]snhiofL2Rh4[/media]

I’ll be playing it by myself because none of my friends play Street Fighter and nobody lives near me so I couldn’t go to wherever.