Happy new year to all of you at SRK

Just wanted to say HAPPY NY to all of SRK and 2011 will be a phenomenal year for you; thanks to SRK staff for all the hard work and dedication to duty – I love me some streets and have been with SRK since 2001 and it is great to see it expanding. May God put His Blessings upon all of you — no matter what we are all going through He is always there for you and we need to encourage and lift each other up and “trust” in Him – FAITH and HOPE – trials and tribulations are difficult but with God we can get through it but those same trials and tribulations are there to also “propel” us to the “next” level and to enlighten and mature us…Its 2011 and regardless…you have made it through a year and still hoping; and hope = faith… you are still standing…:woot:
Hope: The Anchor of the Soul

thanks nigga