Happy New Year!:First Tournament of 2007-Austin,Texas

Happy New Year!:January 20th and 21st 2007-Austin,Texas


5310 Burnet Road Suite 106
Austin ,Texas 78756


Saturday, January 20th and Sunday, January 21st

Schedule of Events

Saturday Registration begins at 1:00 pm
***Finals for all Saturday events will be held on Sunday[i/]

Guilty Gear XX/ …1:30 pm
Naruto NGNT 4 …3:00 pm
MvC2 …4:30 pm
Street Fighter 3S …6:00 pm
Super Smash Bros Melee .7:30 pm


Final rounds begin at 3:00pm

Guilty Gear XX/ …3:15
Naruto NGNT 4 …4:00
MvC2 … 4:30
Street Fighter 3S …5:00
SSB Melee …5:30

Special Events

Naruto NGNT 4 Team versus Tournament ------------>6:00pm
Twisted Metal 2 --------------->7:30pm

Entry Fee

All main events entry fee is $10 per event this includes:

Guitly Gear XX/
Naruto NGNT 4
Street Fighter 3S
SSB Melee

All special events entry fee is $5 per event this includes:

Naruto NGNT 4
Twist Metal 2

Street Fighter 3S will be on Playstation 2(Domestic)
Guilty Gear XX/ will be on Playstation 2 (import)
Naruto NGNT 4 will be on Gamecube (import)
Mvc2 will be in Dreamcast (Domestic)
SSB Melee will be on Gamecube (Domestic)
Twisted Metal 2 Will be on Playstation 2 (Domestic -Playstation 1 version original)

Please bring your own controllers or arcade sticks, custom sticks are allowed as well as adapters. Please ,corded controllers only

Bring 5 dollars if you want pizza we may order it
There’s a CVS across the street and snacks and drinks at the venue
Also an Arbies is one Block north of the event

youre gonna need a little more detail here, like what kind of consoles and entry fees.

MvC on the Dreamcast
5 dollar entry per tournament

rules will be Evo rules for all events cept naruto.

Can i count you in?

was at E’s last night, didnt see any MvC 2 players , sorry havnt been there all week, i’ll post in the Austin MVC2 thread then


This event will run as planned

You do realize that the fighting games would lag pretty badly on the HDTVs at that LAN center right?

Gonna bring as many tv’s as we can.

So then games won’t be run on those 42 inch westinghouses? If they won’t I’ll most likely go.

Believe me they wont.

Soon I’ll update the main post

entry fees are 10 instead of 5

adding Smash Bros…Melee

and for oldschool . Twisted Metal 2, that will be 5 to enter.

So is every other game besides MvC2 going to be on playstations…or what?

Can we bring arcade sticks?

either way ill be there…most likely :slight_smile:

please sink you teeth into this beefy update ^^

Ill see what i can do.

awsome count me in for the 3rd strike tourny and the gnt4 too. Are otk naruto and kisame banned?

Hey, just so I would know, what are the rules for GnT4? For singles, is it 2 out of 3 or 3 out of 5 rounds?

Zim: I can’t see why Kisame would be banned, last time I checked he was a shittier Zabuza with chakra drain.

I’ll be there, can’t wait till then.

kenmastersx, Kisame has a 100% combo that you cant DnJ out of! So does itachi with his counter super. go to willvolution.com and check the fourms to see the info.

I know about the counter super combo, and I’m not totally sure what combo you’re talking about but unless they get the combo for free against everyone I can’t see why it would be bannable. There’s things like character matchups and situations that you have to put into account, like how the game revolves around trading safe block strings. Itachi’s super counter combo is situational around how the character is blown away, and if you even get the other person into the counter super in the first place.

I’m looking at the combo now though, and it works if someone throws the person and they have no chakra. Now, if you have that in mind, there are two things that you can do to prevent this. Tech every throw (which isn’t very hard in GnT, imo) and play keepaway until you get a safe opening. It’s more like Chun Li in 3rd Strike, she’s pretty easy to win with but it’s not for free. You still have to work for it.

Now, Kyubi Naruto is another thing entirely. I don’t know how that debate ended since I stopped looking up info for the game awhile back, but people were still finding ways to fight him. It’s not an impossible fight, just a retardedly hard one.

true that kyubis just too fucking fast! hey ken lets get some temari action going next weekend LOL! the insane 30 plus combos!

anyways ill see you guys next weekend.

Oh and is there a cover for this place or just walk on in?

Woah…ill be there for GG…and maybe 3s

so count me in!!!

lol, , No bans on the NAruto tournament, yeah u can play the dog all day, lol, not that u would want to, haha…mix-up?

Kens, um yeah, hang out on Willvo, Kisame is borkeddd!!! but so are a few others. Kyubi 100% y-cancel combos are so easy u can teach them to your girl.

Kens!!! Are you gonna stay at my place?

Funky, u live in Austin so bring some stuff with you, im gonna need all i can get and im not kidding, look at all these events!!! I’m crazy!!!
Tv’s, cubes, Dc’s, and aany of teh games being played u can get ahold of, oh yeah, moded ps2’s and slash copies. Seriously!!!

but no worries ^^
I got one ppe from Cali, 2peeps from florida and 2 peeps from Oklahoma, is should be a blast my crib, so let me know, if u are staying with me, if u are staying with those jejejejejeje guys make them bring stuff!!!