Happy Fathers Day

Seriously, how many dudes on this site and not one thread for this?

Fucking ungrateful bastards.

This thread is dedicated to all the crazy dudes that throw their children off of cliffs to make them bad asses, like my main man Drizzt

For the good dads like RC

And the dads like Epidemic who probably made their phone go to voicemail all day.

For fathers day Drizzt took his childrens college fund and used it to buy himself a ride in a monster truck. He then used said truck to crush their dreams and hopes because that’s how he rolls.

Happy Father’s Day to all SRK’s unaware, absentee, and/or deadbeat dads everywhere.

There’s no such thing as a Father’s Day. Father’s Day is just another day to take the woman out shopping, a second Mother’s day.

Fuck that, I never even got dressed yesterday.

Made my dad some food yesterday, felt bad because I couldn’t take him out to eat. happy post father day SRK fathers

There’s no such thing as a “good dad”. There are only dads that “Do the best they can”.

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

I didn’t see anybody make a thread for Grandfather’s Day either! :mad:

Saw something the other day on Facebook. Messed up, but funny.

Happy Father’s Day