Happy Boelday Everybody!

We don’t do this too often anymore because of the huge number of users… but happy birthday to SRK’s greatest member of all time, boel!!!

Happy Boelday! Greatest day of the year! Please! Bless us with one of your mighty paraboels! Tales of something horriboel yet impossiboel!

I logged in just to say that I hate you bole

Also happy birthday :rock:



Wow. That was amazing.

Awww this brings tears to my oldman heart

I love you alll as much as a man can love another man

which turns out is quite a lot

also stfu reno




Happy b-day Boel, SRK’s greatest member of ALL TIME!

Terror rape.

Happy B-day, Boelslaw!

Boel-day is the one day a year that we should get together and post with gimmicks…in his honor.

hahahah oh fuck, how can we not forget the Terror Rape. I remember reading that shit a long time ago and fucking laughing at work.

Happy birthday Boel.


Happy Birthday Boel!!!

Happy birthday boel mcboelstein

Happy Boelday, Birth!


You must pay the troll toll to get into the boel hole.

Happy boelday. You are infalliboel.


Happy Boelday Birthday!

Oh god… :rofl:

Boel got a cKrAzillion problems, but terror rape is not one!

You have way too much chest hair.

Boel is our broski
broski has two syllables
Gundam reference

Dr. B is far too sexy to be our broski and his website is awesome.

EDIT: The words are colored, but you will not see this if you have a skin installed.