Happy Birthday Shadow Ace!

Happy Birthday , Joyeux Anniversaire, Feliz Cumpleanos to the one and only


Long has he championed the benefits of a diet high in NEESA and free fatty acids and pears!
His style is stupendous and without compare!

Behold his mighty hand!

Of whom do you speak, good sir? :coffee:


Happy birthday, Shadow Ace!

Happy Birthday, man!

Happy Birthday faker!

Happy Birthday, Shadow.

Happy birthday :party:

Happy Birthday @Neesa !!!

Happy Birthday Thirsty ass nigga

Sorry I’m late- happy belated birthday, mane

Happy bday Shadow.

Can you get me one of those Thinkpads in the dumpsters at Lenovo’s offices?

Happy Birthday, you ole dry-mouthed ass nigga.

Happy belated birthday Shadow

which model? the one that bluescreens a lot or the one where the keyboard randomly stops working?

Thirst is such a savage phrase unbefitting for a person of my caliber, Passion is more suitable

Vassals don’t have born day celebration. Get back to work or I won’t pay you for the rest of the week. :passionfruithibiscustea:

Happy Birthday you “they had to amputate my leg in Soul Food”, “I can’t watch Precious because mirror matches are boring”, “I’m not fat I’m just big boned and husky” ass nigga.


Happy belated! :tup:

Happy Birthday nigga. Go back to your Sonic avs