Happy Birthday Phantom Angel aka TYRONE!

Happy Birthday to the Waspinator or SRK.

May you grow in knowledge as the years pass!

Tyrone beat the Cloudburst Tank and Excavator for me in Arkham Knight, so I have to give him props.

Yo I ain’t had a bday thread in 7 years but this herb gets one? Kiss both sides of my ass


happy birthday man

I’m Tyrone

And fuck this Happy Birthday Thread

I’m just here to fuck y’all wives

Long Dick Style

Happy bday Junior


Happy Birthday Phantom Angel!

@“The Epidemic” you better give your lad some cash on his big day yo.

Why didn’t @EPIDEMIC make this thread being the self proclaimed father and all?

Either way, happy birthday Tyrone.

Cause black dads?

Happy Birthday, my dude! You’re always a good sport. With SFV here, I suspect you’ll be moving up a few notches on the pole.

Happy Birthday, PA!

Hope you’re fucking somebodies wife, long dick style.

Fuck that guy if you beat him he calls you a masher.

Happy Birthday yo. Anyone who post in the bleach thread still has my eternal respect for being able to put up with that manga :tup:

Happy birfday, youngin’. Come get dis work in PvP whenever. :cool:

Happy Birthday Phantom!

Happy birthday homie.

Happy Birthday dude!