Happy Birthday Muff Daddy

Happy Birthday you proof stunt double!

man, fuck both of yaw.


Worst birthday gift ever.

naw, I’m just feelin’ like Rick Ross since I didn’t get a thread (Nov. 2nd).

other than that, drink some Red Stripe and fuck some white bitches for me, Muff.

Turns up best of Proof mixtape

yo happy bday to a fellow older god. Keep following that divine judgement

[media=youtube]U4MfApWb69g]YouTube - Proof - Life [Prod. by J Dilla[/media]

Happy Birthday to SRK’s favorite rapper from Michigan, Proof from D12…

Happy bday

Thanks guys. Left hand toast of Jack & Coke to you all.

Happy birthday!:party:

Yo happy birthday, vagina father.


Happy birthday, yo! OG SRK!

Happy Birthday Tuff…:tup:

Happy birthday and may supreme mathematics guide you to god’s vision of the streets where 5% of knowledge is stored.