Happy Birthday Dr. Manhattan of SRK AKA RoninChaos

@RoninChaos Who?

You so old vanilla forum only allows you to rock gray haired avs. May your days be filled with endless milfs (or whatever the equivalent is to a happily married man) and free xboxes and may your foes be doomed to the infinite stairs.


Happy Birthday Ronin…stay the good guy that you are.

Yo happy Bday RC, our ever eternal overlord.



Happy Birthday to the Stier of lurkers

He Represents Queens

Neesa was raised out of Brooklyn


Google is not working for me, or you rather, at 4am here.
LL Cool J with birthday cake, gets him on birthday cakes, decorating, community.

by the way of course zoolander

would be thinking of naked blue bald-ass comic geek book characters

Happy Birthday to the absentee father of the latest lounge thread.

Last seen popping out for some cigs shortly after the first page.

Happy Birthday man!

Omnipotent and has left us to wallow in our low tier filth he is Dr. Manhattan alright.

Will RC even see this thread though?

Ain’t been seen in months.