Happy Birthday Bob Sagat

Indeed, the legendary O.Hawk player, the chun st.MP->st.MP->st.MP combo vid maker (stunning NKI IRL when disclosing this), the SRK AV maker, the artist, the man who eats nothing but energy bars at tourneys celebrated his birthday yesterday!

Congrats playah.

congrats mayne

So jealous of them avatars. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Happy B-day mayne, keep that hawk beasty. :pray:

Happy Birthday! You always have nice av’s.

EDIT: And one of the best names. :lol:

Happy B-Day Starscream!

YARRRRR Happy Birthday!

congratz man.

Hope his birthday party filled the house.


Happy birthday, yo.


happy b-day! :party:

Wtf, I just randomly stumbled upon this thread when searching for another one on Google! Belated thanks guys!

Btw, get ready for something that might just barely top that 3 hit combo vid…