Happy bday jack frost

Happy bday to one of the best posters here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have a good one

Buy a Vita.

Happy Bday.


I have a Vita already

Nah fuck that guy

Yo dude. Get better.


Better at what



I blame you for snow and the increase of blue hoodies and large wooden canes at cons. Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Jack Frost!

Sorry I dont have any hot aunts for you

My cousins bday is in 2 days, me and her celebrate together

Ew dude, you nasty.

i wear condoms

Happy Birthday dood.

Happy birthday, man! Even though I think you’re full of shit most of the time, I do like your posts. I hope you have good day.

Lol this guy making his own birthday thread xD

Happy birthday man, hope it’s a good one

thanks, love you guys so much ;_;

Happy B-day, homie.

Happy Birthday @Jack_Frost!