Happy Back to the Future Day!


It’s October 21st, 2015…the day Marty McFly, Doc Brown, and Jennifer Parker traveled to in time to fix their future.

…and still no flying cars.


Waiting on the Cubs to win the Series, mass produced hoverboards, and gatdamn flying cars that run on garbage.

Step it up, humanity!

There have been many great time travel films since the original BttF, some even arguably better, but none that feel quite like it, it’s in a class of it’s own.

Can’t wait for the sequel in 20 years with aliens.

bout that cubs thing…maybe next yr lawlz

We there…kinda?..it’s a start…we’re doomed aren’t we?


This coming from a Chicagoan. But, then again, I hate baseball.

that shit is coooolldddddd bloooooddddeddd


I still say it here that peeps cannot drive safely on the ground and ya’ll want flying cars? yeah let’s focus on safe driving first in two dimensions. What Doc said is true from the 3rd film…


will try to head out the mall the movie was filmed at as it’s merely 5 min away on the freeway for me. the car has been there for a month but due to work, i never got a chance to see it.

Recently watched Back to the Future 1+2 again and I gotta say I still like the first one and the second is kind of a guilty please, but holy fuck were those movies packed with product placement.
Felt like watching a show on tv with constant advertisement breaks.
Really took away from the experience for me. As a kid I didn’t notice but as an adult I was like “GTFO with your fucking products, I try to immerse my fucking self in a movie!”

Imagine that shit happening in Mad Max Fury Road:
You sit there and you’re like “Whoa that chase!” your blood pumping, you’re in that fucking movie wondering what’s next suddenly Immortan Joe drives up in his car and they go close up on the Mercedes star then zooms on the sidewindow where he holds up a notebook showing the Apple symbol or some shit.
Goddamn I don’t want to be reminded of the real world when I go to the movies! I got to the movies to get away from that shit.

to be fair we do live in that type of environment, also keep this in mind

btw, you might infer that other time travelling films are better but thats probably because they weren’t as ambitious as back to the future. the second movie had lots of little flaws because they put SO MUCH into the film, the acting quaility was a notch lower than the original.

I enjoy critical thinking

Shout outs also to the best cameo appearance of the last several years:



Cubs getting fucken rekt by the Mets

They deserve it for beating pittsburgh

Fuck the cubs they’re getting swept today.

I can’t wait for the bro riots in Wrigleyville, because that neighborhood sucks.

Buncha frat boy manchildren. Need their alderman to set up rules so they don’t burn their houses to the ground.

I want to make a trip out there for a pirates series next year. I’ve never been, hopefully early in the year so the bandwagon hasn’t come on in full force yet.

It would be fucking epic for them to lose today on back to the future day, in Wrigley and it being a sweep.

There’s always a bandwagon. Cubs games are a tourist destination and they have fans that support them no matter how shitty they are, which I know is the opposite of bandwagoning, but Cubs games are just like a thing to do for people regardless if they care about the game or not.

I been on the pirates bandwagon since 2013 when the crowd yelled CUEEEEETOOOO

im OG

I hope the fake memes stop appearing on FB.