Happy b-day purple bunny!


From Mama Purple Bunny:

No one curr.

Happy birthday scrub!

Happy Birthday.
And yes, that lingering look that you feel that comes from the shadows is me.

Fuk that dumb cracka.

Happy Birthday to you, Purple Bunny. Your posts always makes me laugh.

(get a better Karin avatar)

Happy Birthday, man.

Even though you are a Seahawks fan.

Fuck that guy.

Seriously, Happy Birthday bruv

I see people giving me birthday wishes.

Yet I see none giving me presents.

Much appreciated, but you are all now dead to me.

<3 but ya know </3

Happy Birthday:


Happy Birthday, hungry-for-buttons-but-unwilling-to-push-them-himself!

Seriously. Hbd

*Happy birthday TPB! *


just kiddin. Hap B-day mang.

Do you even want the things people can give thru the Internet?

Might be exactly like your little animal penguin? smoking crack card you gave to your sister!

Oops said female related to the Birthday Boy on this website… how to distract, what about a PURPLE BUNNEESA?

[quote=“Pertho, post:10, topic:180019”]

Happy Birthday:


You I’ll let live.

That was an owl.

And yes I want the things I can get through the internet. Make them materialize in front of my screen.

Unless you’re Sonicabid and you try to materialize a shitty game like Alpha 2. I’ll materialize my foot in your ass.

Back in my day we didn’t have birthdays. Or bunnies.

Happy B-day anyway, man!


Ya’ll had the color purple though!


2x dope

Happy Birthday Georgia Peach!


Happy bday TPB

Thanks for occasionally making laugh, being a part of the forum since I joined and being an FPS and id fan. :cool: