Happ Super Joystick vs. Competition

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the Happ Super Joystick. According to this site:


…it has a shorter throw to engage the switches than the competition, and it also has a larger range to hit the diagonals (15 degrees to 10 degrees on the competition). I think I would like both these features as it would help me hit the diagonals better. I like to do double quarter circle forward moves like I would do Bison’s Supers (b,f,b,f+p) i.e. going straight back and forth from down to forward with less of a a quarter circle motion. When I do this on a competiton stick and it misses diagonals sometimes, and nothing comes out. So if anbody has any info on how these sticks work in the real world, I’d love to hear it.

Also, happ has a sale on them (the supers) right now for 8 bucks a piece. I heard happ shipping is expensive though. Is that true?

i would recommend you to ponyboy in the trading outlet. his prices are way cheaper than the happ site.

as for the stick, i never used a super. what i do is buy a comp with a hard spring. uhm the thing thats different i think between the two is that the super has a cherry switch with a leaf(that metal thing sticking out to activate switch) and the comp has just a cherry switch where a square actuator activates the switch. majority people use comp or p360 btw.

comp with hard spring is my preferred choice of stick now. i’m just not comfortable with the longer throw sanwa sticks have for now. like he said you can get both from ponyboy’s thread.

Gonna order some Happ sticks for a MvC2 cabinet, does anyone else have opinions on Supers vs Comp sticks?

Not sure of the shipping costs of HAPP, all I know is they switched their production from IL to some factory in China some years ago.

The general consensus is that the IL product is superior to Happ now.
If you want a quality “American-style” joystick that’s consistently decent and won’t break in a month, IL is the brand to get.

Don’t quote me, though… that’s just what I’ve read. I prefer Japanese parts myself. And I played with the American parts in the arcades in the 1980s and 1990s. Never did care for the product…