Happ Pushbuttons in TE Stick

Anyone know if the Happ buttons will fit in the TE stick after you cut out the plastic frame on the inside? I searched google and these forums and couldn’t find anything on it. I hear that they “might” fit after you cut out the plastic on the inside, but i’d rather not cut up the insides of my stick if it’s not even going to fit.


After you cut the frame, yes.

I have a HAPP TE that was messed with HEAVILY. I’ll try to take pics of it soon.

Read both pages of Thread.
There is more to know.

Thanks for the information, I’ve never used happ but I just wanted to order a set of every button and pick my favorite.

Since I know that they do fit, but make the bottom metal plate buck out I think I’ll pass on them.

Thanks again!

FreezerB didn’t say so for the TE.
But upchuck did say that for SE.

Well on that last page of the thread you sent me FreezerB showed a picture of the TE stick with modded buttons and said

So he isn’t talking about the TE stick when he says that?

Oh, I understand. It’s because the grounds are touching. I thought he said to use tape because it would be bucking out, lol. Sorry about that.

Thanks for the clarification jdm714!

Yes, but he didn’t say it buck out.
He say the tape is put on to prevent shorting out, because the Microswitch Terminals touch the Metal Plate.

Unless I’m not understanding what bucking out is.
What does buck out mean?

I meant popping out, but I misread it. I thought he said use tape because the bottom plate would be popping out, not for the grounding. Now I understand, thanks!

hmmm not sure I would like the idea of it but I have some happ buttons kicking about might have to have a quick look tomorrow if I get a chance to grab them out of the shed.

Just to confirm, this is exactly the reason for the electrical tape. The bottom plate will not buck or bend out. The buttons should be able to fit in (once you hack away at the frame) pretty nicely.