Happ Perfect 360 vs Happ Competition Joystick

I am making myself a custom fightstick for MVC2. I was just wondering if anyone has tried the p360 and can tell me if it is worth the money or if the standard one works just the same. Thanks in advance to anyone who answers.

The P360s Happ has been releasing lately seem to have been plagued by numerous problems to the point where places like Arcade In a Box actually refuse to sell them anymore. I would just use a Competition stick.

IL Eurostick is what you want.

Also this. Forgot to mention that. Happ branded stuff is pretty much crap now. Pick up some the iL Eurostick (which is the original company Happ got their parts from before outsourcing to China). It’s available at Lizardlick or from Ponyboy in the Trading Outlet.

I have the IL Spring Stick and seems better. Is soft. There is another one, the Magnetick Stick but is a bit harder (centered by magnets).