Happ modd on hori fs3?

Hey guys, im about to modd my first stick before sf 4 comes out! i much prefer happ style because of the circle gate, i read somewhere that the buttons wont fit on my hori fs3 coz they are too long… i dont mind the buttons but i need to fit in the happ ultimate or competition stick… has anyone been succesful in doing this?? please keep in mind its my first stick so i cant really do complex mods. thanks in advance

Happ stuff won’t even fit right in the TE, which is bigger than the fs3.

You’re prettymuch out of luck if you want that done, although you can always bat-top mod it to at least get some semblance of American style.

LOL, I would love to see someone try to squeeze a HAPP in a FS3!!!

a friend of mine tried to remedy the size problem by hacking off part of the stick shaft. nothing hardly even activates now.:rofl:

I remember I was barking up this same tree about a year ago, and I quickly discovered that it wasn’t going to happen. There really is no way to fit an American joystick into a Hori FS3 case. Your best options are to either mod a Sanwa joystick to feel a little more Happ-y (I don’t recommend this though, because it’s still going to be a J-stick at the end of the day), buy a Nubytech SF2 Aniversary stick and swap in Happ parts, or build a stick from scratch. I ended up going with the latter, and I am quite content with the results I got.

thanks for the replies guys, guess i wasted money on the fs3 then as i bought it to modd :frowning: so could i use all the parts from inside the fs3 and just make a bigger case out of wood??? or is it not that easy… lol

Not even close.

you could do that.

or if you are good with fiberglass or plastic, you can extend the height of your hori’s case.

great! now im even more confused, one guy says i can, the other says not even close. i was thinkin i could remove the pcb and wires and make a case similar to the hori except bigger. and fit it in like it sits in the fs3?? also anyone know someone selling the 15 th anniversary stick?? ive got a TE coming in a few days but i doubt ill even open it due to the happ controls not fitting, guess ill sell it, but the older ones are going for like 300 bucks??? wtf?

like you said the happs wont fit in an TE … why should they fit in a FS3 which is nearly half the size of the TE ? you need to make it … i dont know exactly … saying at least 3-5cm higher than its actually is ? there was a picture someone made the case 1-2cm higher than its actually was to fit a sanwa jlf if you want the mounting plate so that the stick with balltop wont be sticking too high out of the case … and for the happ you need at least 2cm more space

You can do it by taking the guts out the fs3 and putting it in a new case if you really want to.