Happ/iL Competition vs. Perfect 360

I have been strongly considering using a Happ Perfect 360 in my next arcade stick, but I’m starting to have second thoughts. The reason why is because although I know some people have praised the p360 to high heaven for its accuracy, I am slightly skeptical since it’s got a circle-shaped “gate” (yes, I know that U-sticks don’t actually have any gate at all, but I’m talking about movement range), whereas the Competition / Eurostick has a more square-shaped “gate.” I like the Eurosticks a lot and have used them in pretty much every stick I’ve built, so using something else in what’s likely to be my primary stick for quite some time is not something I take lightly.

The only problem I’ve ever really had with the Eurosticks has been that they bounce quite a bit (which they’re somewhat infamous for). Would I find myself missing the more tangible corners of the Eurostick, or will the improved accuracy of the P360 make up for it? I’ve always liked the general feel of my Eurosticks, however I’m aware that they aren’t without design problems such as the aforementioned bounciness and the square articulator twisting during play. I’d probably put a Competition spring into the p360 simply because that the tension level I’m comfortable with, but the big question is this: will I miss the corners and clicking if I switch to a P360?

And if some joker out there is already getting ready to type “just get a Sanwa!”, I’ll preemptively tell you not to waste your time. :wink:

revives thread from ashes … I would like to know the type of info this guy is asking too. I currently use an IL stick, and I have slightly problems with my diagonals, so I was wondering if switching to a perfect 360 will solve the problem. I know they are stiff as hell, but I can adjust, or like this guy said … I can try changing the springs to make it feel like a regular IL.