Hanzou's "new" art thread

Its been awhile…

Nice to see this forum still up and running. I’ve been off promoting my comic and trying to survive in these hard economic times. Itching to play SFIV and that new capcom vs game too.

In any case, I wanted to post some of my more recent work. Hopefully a new challenge pops up soon, since I’m always up for doing some capcom fan art. :slight_smile:

This is the hero of my webcomic, Kai. Capcom fans may recognize the pose…:lol:

This is a reduced commission I did last month. The customer wanted me to draw Iron Man, War Machine, and some obscure villains. Had a lot of fun with this one.

This my buddy’s character from World of Warcraft. I’m really proud at how the background came out in this one.

A picture I did for an art competition. The goal was to draw pirates finding buried treasure.

Just finished this one for my nephews. Ben 10 is their favorite cartoon.

A personal fave of mine. Old mummy Anakaris holding it down! One day I’m going to make a Darkstalkers poster, and use this as a center piece.

Anyways, that it for now. Thanks for looking. I’ll post some more stuff up soon over the next few weeks. Got a pretty full plate ahead of me. :slight_smile:

I dig that first one cool stuff

hey one of the old guys from awhile ago!

welcome back!

I dig I dig. You’ve gotten a lot better I can tell. One minor thing I notice is that Ben10 has his hand like he’s rubbing the fire guy’s head. Other than that the poster is kickin. And I do like how the background for the WoW piece turned out although the character doesn’t fit color and style-wise. I notice you don’t have any cast shadows on the ground for your figures. Is this intentional? I think if you throw in even some really quick and basic cast shadows, they will ground your figures. Kudos and good luck with the comic, mate.

Thanks for the Kudos DF. Yeah, I do have a problem doing ground shadows. However I plan to work on that to better ground my figures. This style is still pretty new, so I’m working out all the kinks.

Here’s another pic I’ve done recently. I did it for my niece for Christmas;

i’m totally seeing a shinkiro influence in the roy mustang gift. but even greater is your own style. i’m sure your niece would flip ^^
i think the yellow stripes on his shoulder look a little flat. just the slightest bit of definition would help. like i’m wondering if they’re metal or fabric?
the shirt pocket flap (i think that’s what it is? ) could come over the edge of the rest of the shirt to give it a little bit more depth.
these are really more like “you missed a spot” ya know? overall it’s very awesome.
i’m also wondering if you could’ve portrayed the creation of fire a little differently, more fire-like instead of like lightening. on the other hand it takes the composition to another level.
once again, killer stuff man.

I agree with bland_wolf, however I think those are suppose to be sparks not fire. I think it would be really cool if you have his fingers in the post-snap position instead of pre-snap. either way, your neice will love the piece.

i just thought lightening was all. but thinking of them as sparks makes it all the better. looking at it a second time, what’s there works best i think. i agree about the snap too. ^^; here i am snapping my fingers like a loser to see how it’d look. but i always forget to pay attention to those small things.

Thanks for the comments/crits guys. That’s why I like coming here. You guys are honest. :slight_smile:

Here’s some more;

Fantastic Four. Surprised I didn’t post this up earlier…

Liberty Meadows. Done for an art competition.

Page from my webcomic Psychic Soldier Kai

the coloring is real nice man.

Very Very nicely done.

whoa, nice job on that chick from liberty meadows

Your style is so tight vibrant and tidy. Love it. My colouring/drawing always comes out so messy. Love the Fantastic Four one the most.

That Ben 10 is poster material! very nice

Thanks for the replies everyone.

Here’s a character from my comic;

And the latest page;

May start doing my comic in color one day…

Im really liking the WoW elf.

The WoW picture, what class? Warrior? Rouge? Just curious. Looks AMAZING! :woot:

NE Warrior. Or Mohawk if you listen to Mr. T. :smiley:

Here’s two of my characters from my web comic. It comes from the most recent page. I’m considering doing the book in color, but for now I’m keeping things in B/W.

Yep, its Hellboy!


I really like your overall style, and use of colors. These are some really great pieces. It would be great to see more stuff from you, keep up the good work!