Handsome Asian man confronts villainous white man with Asian girlfriend, champion to his peers

Yo this is wassup


Also I am not trading you guys Karl-Anthony Towns, go straight to hell VSlash

Didn’t watch vid. Liked for CLint returning from the Void.

I agree with everything that chinese nigga said. That white man is ugly as fuck and he is a failure.

Ugly people calling people ugly…

How did I know this was a Calpet Rint thread before I even clicked it on mobile?

Should have been like: “You’re right I’ll fuck off back home, and I’m taking your wife with me”

Motherfucker looks like a catfish

Like honestly he is an ugly, weak dude, no wonder he went to taiwan to get with a probably very average taiwanese girl.

He looks like a fucking catfish had sex with don knotts

Lmao dude was really talkin that shit in the train, he was UPSET. This shit made me laugh

Dab00g during the video:

I didn’t watch the video did somebody fuck with my yellow fever?

Asian dude ugly as fuck. I can see why he’s mad.

Herpes lips, iguana teeth, and fucking middle school tier acne. Good lord.

If anybody is an authority on the ugly it’s that fat asian

But white dude is one of the ugliest people i have seen

Both are ugly, and neither are getting their dicks wet.

Just should have slapped each other

Fucking cowards

White dude being softer than 3 ply

The white meat is the asian woman’s kryptonite…they absolutely cannot resist it. White dudes can get them easily even when they look like that guy. I love it when certain stereotypes are proven to be true. I happened to see the usual couple just yesterday, actually… cute little asian broad… instantly I’m thinking “where’s the goofy-looking white guy boyfriend—aha! THERE HE IS!” Every time, man…every damn time it’s proven to be the correct assumption. I am always amused by the whole thing.

It’s a shame the guys didn’t fight though… I was in the mood to see some violence just now.

edit–I would probably put money on the asian dude. The white guy here looks quite flimsy…one of those Michael Sera-types that has most likely never done even 1 push-up in his life…noooooo significant muscle mass at all :lol:

Asian women are THE biggest race traitors. I’ll give some respect to this man though, if every Asian man stood every time they were disrespected they wouldn’t be the butt of jokes on TV and movies

I kinda know how this guy is feeling dealing with the Asian mofo. My GF has mentioned before people staring at us before and it’s something I tell her to ignore as I do my best to ignore it. Guess Asian guys seem to think it’s odd for an Asian girl to be with a Hispanic man.

The dude was just trying to get him to hit him so he can sue him because he’s a foreigner. Only reason he wanted him to prove he had money so he knew he wasn’t wasting his time.

White dude should have said,

foreigners trash? That’s why white people plastered your measly people like nothing. The shock of conquest runs so deep in your genes that your women swoon for white men, and run to us. Because they know sickly men can’t protect them. You thought Khan was bad? Please.

situratikns can be resolved with a few words. And then a ads beating after the dude tries to step up.

Eh in soCal seeing the asian guy with a non-asian always sticks in the craw of the white or black guy

But yeah some asian girls will distinctly hate asians and hit us with “it’d be like dating a relative”

But really the girls who only date white guys are typically the ones we wouldn’t want to have.

Though in my case i look racially liquid from chinese to hawaiian to mexican.

Then my girl looks mixed

But eh, i always hated the one white guy who the girl brings who tries to fit in. Saying shit like “i love the culture and history”

Nah, i was born in the usa.

It’s like when i hung with my boys and white dude comes in wearing a backward had just throwing “my n” around like he was ed wuncler iii

Nah man.

But here’s dude who gets spat on and called names, his response is a shitty youtube of him being verbally raped. Notice the gf hiding her face. She’s disgusted with him because he has no balls or backbone.