Hands~Ultra. Who does it work on and how

I am tired of scouring through threads just to find this simple yet game changing information out. So I think a compendium should be made and this is it. I will start with the new stuff I could find so far in Ultra.

Crouching Hugo: Cr.MK-HHs~Ultra. They are probably way more, I just wanted an easy one for now. His hurtbox is huge so he is kinda fucked.
Crouching Rufus: Cr.J-HHS~Ultra. cr.lk,CR.MK, st.lk,st.lp,cl.mp all work too
Standing Dee Jay: Cr.Mk-HHs~Ultra.
Crouching Dictator:Cr.J-HHs~Ultra.
Crouching Blanka: Cr.MK-HHs~Ultra.
Standing Blanka:Cl.MP-HHs~Ultra.
Crouching Oni:Cr.lk-HHs~Ultra.
(Shoutouts to Gutabo)Older Ones:

For some reason the really wide characters block it just in time not to be hit ie:dsim,sagat after ext hands,guile,gouken, and maybe more. Has anyone had any luck on them as to what whill work? If you notice the theme between those characters is that they all beat honda. It would help the MU’s if hands ultra could work on any of em.

Crouching Abel:

  • s.LP xx L Hands, ext. M Hands~Ultra
  • c.LP xx M Hands, ext. M Hands~Ultra
  • M Hands, ext. M Hands~Ultra

Standing El Fuerte:

  • cr.MK xx M Hands - ext. M Hands~Ultra
  • LP xx H Hands - ext. M Hands~Ultra

Crouching E.Honda:

  • cr. LK - cr. LK - cr. LP xx M Hands - ext. M Hands~Ultra
  • s.LP xx L Hands - ext. M Hands ~Ultra. c.LP and c.LK also work in xups.
  • cl.MK xx H Hands - ext. M Hands~Ultra
  • xup j.MK - cr. LK - cr. LK - cr. LP xx H Hands - ext. H Hands~Ultra

Standing Hakan: cl. MP xx M Hands - ext. M hands~Ultra

Crouching Hugo: cr.LP xx M Hands - ext. M hands~Ultra. cr.LK, st.LP and cl.MP also works

Standing T.Hawk: cr.LP xx M Hands - ext. M Hands~ Ultra - s.LP also works and c.LK even works in xups.
Crouching T.Hawk:

  • cl. MP xx M. Hands - ext. M. Hands~Ultra
  • xup j.MK - cr. LP xx M. Hands - ext. M. Hands~Ultra

Standing Zangief:

  • Jump - cl. MP xx M Hands - ext. M Hands~Ultra
  • cr. MK xx M Hands - ext. M Hands~Ultra
  • xup j.MK, s.LP xx M Hands - ext. M Hands~Ultra

@sweatyshoulderguy‌ Are you sure extended hands-> Ultra works on Oni? I can’t seem to get it to work.

@Angerus‌ its not ext hands. Just make him crouch walk in as deep as you can then do crouch lk hhs ultra. Easy peasy. All of the ones I posted dont require hands to be extended in any way other than gutabo’s.

@sweatyshoulderguy‌ Holy shit, you’re right!

Crouching Oni: Cr.lk-HHs~Ultra. - cl.MP, cl.LP also work AND all from cross-ups.

I tested cl.MP into HHs into Ultra on all characters, and these are the results:

Crouching Akuma: cl.MP - HHS~Ultra
Standing Blanka: cl.MP - HHS~Ultra
Crouching Blanka: cl.MP - HHS~Ultra
Crouching E.Honda: cl.MP - HHS~Ultra
Standing Deejay: cl.MP - HHS~Ultra
Crouching E.Honda: cl.MP - HHS~Ultra
Crouching Hugo: cl.MP - HHS~Ultra
Crouching M.Bison: cl.MP - HHS~Ultra
Crouching Rufus: cl.MP - HHS~Ultra

Sick I was suspicious of Akuma for a while glad you got that one. Have you noticed how characters that are wide feel like they only just barely block? Dsim guile etc. It is always so close yet no cigar on those bastards. There might be something we are missing. Also, some time should be put into using meaty hands vs non delayed/delayed wakeup to mix people up. If we get lucky the timing could coincide with last hhs hitting and we combo into ultra on every character. I will update the op soon.

Yea, it’s a pain in the ass how they barely manage to block the ultra.
I’m not a particular fan on meaty hands since they’re not really hard to react to. I won’t deny that it has good potential, though.

Just off instinct I have already gotten people to wakeup dp out of delayed wakeup whiffing hands but recover In time to block it. The reverse could very easily happen of where they block hands they didnt need too because they thought I would recover before they could do something. This was a thing already off of oichio and sweep just not as potent because fadc was so good. Now I can do lp hands after oichio or heavy and mix up whether or not it whiffs. Gonna take some math though.

Fierce hands has 13 recovery frames though, so that’s pretty big if you manage to make it whiff (on purpose or not).
Enough time for your opponent to react with a 3fr jab before you can do anything to counter this.

damn thats sick i gotta try this shit when i get home!

do you know if its possible to get CH on a raw hands (i.e. without cancelling from a normal) or do hits from the combo negate that? im not sure if thats what you guys were discussing before

sometimes i get this when doing HHS > HHS because they block the first HHS then press a slow button and eat the 2nd hands raw but normally not the full hits due to distance (dont think st HK can ever be linked from what i remebmer)

so you can hit all of them with cr lk hhs u1? or just oni

i got it working off cr LP xx HHS at least akuma and bison crouching. it wasnt even hard. this is gonna be a game changer. its gotta work on more people (if not all) in the corner, +10 is +10 its just a matter of them reeling back differently right? also MP hands extended gives you even more fr. advantage does it not? so i dont see why it wouldnt work on the entire cast

can someone try this? i dont have the same amount of time on my hands as i used too lol, appreciate it

i think counterhit jump back hp ~ ultra and ch cs.st.mp ~ ultra should work on any character where you can link ultra after fierce hhs

Cr.LK works almost identically like cl.MP and I already tried it on the whole cast (cl.MP xx H.HHS) and the results are in post #5.

counterhit close standing medium punch only applies on the first hit, so you won’t get any extra frame advantage unless you do it meaty on someone’s wakeup.
iow, the 1st hit needs to whiff and the 2nd hit needs to hit as a counterhit, but such setups can be reacted to by your opponent.

glad to see people still play this character :), I posted up a video on YT of the setups in post 5. Will work on the original post later on this week if peeps are interested


hey guys just tested out on stand blanka you can actually get st lp xx FP hhs > u1 doesnt have to be that cl st. MP xx HHS (starting to kinda get it down but its hard for my fingers to work both ways lol) not sure if you guys missed that i was always trying with cr LP xx HHS > U1 and that pushes back further so you arent able to hit that on very many characters.