hand/Wrist problems

so after playing a couple of weeks ago, my wrist and hand started hurting pretty bad, so i stopped using it for about a week, within that time, it also became numb-ish at times. well it pretty much went back to normal. but a couple of days ago my wrist started feeling tight. no real pain, no loss of motion or grip strength really. but this tight sensation keeps happening. like there’s pressure on it or something. I stopped using it again, but I don’t have the money to see a doctor. does anyone know what i can do? and how do the top players prevent injury?

Hmm, what kind of input device are you playing with?

the controller? ps4 controller

You should see a doctor because ergenomically the PS4 controller shouldn’t be causing you discomfort unless you’re playing way too long.


could be wrist tendonitis/De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis but I’m no doc so I wouldn’t assume it is. I have the condition and my hands and forearms can go numb/tingly from straining my hands too much.

I wear wrist splints when I know I’m gonna be doing hand intensive type work, they help slightly but your range of motion with your wrists are hindered.

It could just be muscle aches.

And more than likely is. Pros would just do some hand and wrist movements and stretches and get on with playing. Fighting games are way more demanding than any other games, so you will work your muscles. Tightness is always related to muscle tension. So get yourself a stress ball and use it. And over time it will strengthen your wrist and hands.

Just keep playing the game man. You can’t get better if you keep finding reasons not to play.

Stretch you fingers and your wrists before and after playing. Get yourself one of those adjustable hand squeezy things too. I play on Hitbox and this combination of things has helped me get stronger hands.