Hand/Wrist exercises for Bison/Sakura A-Groove?

Yes, this is a serious post. I work eight hours a day at a computer desk. And there are good periods where nothing happens. While I’d love to bring my arcade stick in to practice that sho-sho-sho-sho motion over and over during these dead moments, I can’t. However, I can bring in little desktop weights or those silly hand cruncher thingys. I’ll just say I’m using them like stress balls or whatever.

Is there a hand/wrist exercise or weight I can use to improve my stamina for A-groove? Obviously, the best way to practice it to actually do it. But I’m not always with my stick and my copy of cvs2. So is there anything I can do in random, boring moments to work it?

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p.s. Stop losing with M-Hisui.

There are just to many jokes to be made…

stop jerking your joystick

practice for one hour on both sides sho sho sho… It helped me to have the cpu on Guard all and guard crush on max. Thats how I did it…

jerking off to really good porn also helps in between sessions.:lovin:

I find playing daft punk - harder, faster, stronger usually works…with wanking…

Thank you, sirs. I will take No D’s tip in training mode. And I’ll definitely start practicing those dragon punches on my “stick” as well…

Just practice on the game in training mode, your hand and brain will get used to it naturally.

there is no secret to custom combos.

only practice.

people need to get it through their damn skulls.

^^^ Truth…

just stick with vega and blanka and throw in either hibiki or rolento to make yourself a team.

no dp motions needed

Or simply pick A-Haohmaru, Mai, Ken, activate, and mash buttons.

Vega Rolento Blanka is a beastly team.