Hand me down fight stick

Anyone have an extra they wouldn’t mind selling to me? Don’t wanna spend 200+ and come to not like it. Just pm me if u do no rush no big deal.

Just buy a TE or a SE stick… go ahead and buy a SE stick you can easily mod it if the buttons are not that good.
I’m going to pick a TE stick up next month because I don’t want to mod much with the stick.

TE sticks are only $130 if you know where to look. Pretty good deal.

If you can’t afford that, get a $60-80 Hori.

Bought a hori pro ex stick off of amazon for 115 yesterday But it still says not shipped yet WTF lol?

Where ? (for PC)

the TE stick to be used for the PC version can be from xbox360 or PS3.

The Xbox 360 version will always work on the PC (windows)

The PS3 depends on the motherboard your computer has. (I forget but its plug and play on Intel and does not work on those nvidia/amd motherboards).

If you are of the latter that does not have Intel motherboard, people have bought VIA usb pci cards and connected their PS3 TE sticks or whatever PS3 for console sticks they have through that.

… something along those lines.

why don’t you cancel it wait a month a get this

I got one from Japan for 10000 yen, i think it’s better than TE stick because it works on all PC and PS2 games.

But WHERE can i buy one ?

googling didn’t get me very far. Could you guys give me some links.

I’m looking for something rather cheap.

On the other hand i’m unsure if it will be off much use with cammy? Most of her motions seem rather controller then stick-friendly. But atleast i’ll be able to dash propperly with a stick.

I think it is the opposite. Cammy benefits greatly from using a stick. Especially the TK CS and combos that involve it.