Hamilton October Thread

Haha…I’m like six hours early but fuck that I want to start it this month…

click click…booyah!

Jamies name on my MSN list…

“OSAP can fucking suck my dick”

so what you’re saying is “Only Some Asian Prick can fucking suck my dick”

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA… I just had to do it :stuck_out_tongue:

neways…yea, OSAP sucks sometimes… you cant be approved cause of this, cause of that, etc etc… i feel ur pain dood. but it totally does suck!

btw, whens the next time ur commin to hamilton jamie?

is that what ur saying jamie? LMAO

Yep, OSAP scammed me…about two weeks ago, I tried to file a claim that was for $3800 but I made a slight mistake on my application so it had to be reissued. Today, I pick up the reissued one and suddenly my OSAP loan is $2300…so yes, OSAP can indeed fucking suck my dick…

guess I shouldn’t complain…at least my tuition is paid and they won’t kick me the hell out… :tup: But I have let the appropriate parties know about the thing and I hope this gets worked out properly…I suppose I should just not tell them to suck my dick on the phone I guess…something not professional about that apparently… :karate:

a week Saturday I think…maybe on the Friday night…I’ll post it during next week when I’m sure…


What the hell, Team Revo?
How’d you guys let Rey get so many wins?
Especially w/ Q?
And his scrub-ilicious Ken?

Pathetic whores, the whole lot of you.


I might drop by Mohawk tomorrow from noon 'till 3-4 pm…you gonna be there, Rey?

Need to get serious and pick up Akuma again, haven’t played him for so long my Akuma skills are really rusty now.
And I’m also gonna learn Ibuki, this ninja chick friggin’ rules.
Still, nothing is more fun than mirror matches, haha.

And Team Revo should take Jamie’s advice and visit Mac sometime, like next week or something.
It’s fun, and who knows, you might learn something.
Didn’t make a good showing the last time I was there, so hopefully I can do better next time…

For Saturday, I’ll go to EG, but that depends on whether the car is available or not.


All i have to say to Nams comments are… “Combos are Stupid”…why… i dont’ know… but yeah… you’d get beasted too if you were there you whore!


Dam you jamie I wanted to start the october thread. OSAP is gay. My last semester I applied to get OSAP and you know what my estimate was, $0. Bunch of cum guzzling whores.

daaaaaaaaamn straight

You guys still up for that Alpha 3 thing you suggested?

EDIT: Just watched the T5 DVD Preview and good god, look at all the machines Vanny is hogging to himself…I see him in like about 8 pictures in there…:lol:

" where’s the t5 dvd preview, i wanna see vanny hog all the machines too :stuck_out_tongue: "


I owned that shit for free!!! LoL, that trailer is sick! Thank god there was no clips of me getting beasted on. Than again, my sad ass would have to get to the top 16 to make the vids.

But all in all it was good.

Anyone even going to go to EG tomorrow for some casuals? I’ll be there. Here’s your chance to beat up on me for free.

I’ll second that one! OSAP can eat my ass with a spoon!

It’s cause I’m the Fobhunter! Do I another reason to be on the trailer???

hahaha is that the footage of mario getting his SA3 parried and last hit countered?

Good job on the trailer justin (or whoever made it). Not enuff footage of me beasting tho(cause there is no such thing as footage of me beasting). Ya Jamie im still in for SFA3. Where was the SFA3 machine in orbits, i never saw one there

The A3 board was just there for T5 on the Saturday and Sunday I think. Its not there anymore.

Next weekend I’ll try to come by if you guys have a date to set up a PS and A3. I’ll probably be at EG next Saturday for gaming too.

Nope, I think it’s Mike Watson vs Parry Master Jay.

You guys should come down for the ORBIT tourney next weekend.

Doh. First Orbit tourney I might have been able to make it for but I have to go back to Hamilton that weekend for thanksgiving stuff. Especially sucks since I’d definitely be in for AE…

Not sure if many of the Hammer guys will be interested in it if there is no CvS2…not sure about the 3S players.

I dont even know why i bother reading these forums for advice. All they do is give me all these crazy ideas for liek 8 different characters and ILL NEVER LEARN GAAAAAAH. Damn that Urien for having so much potential.


Vince: Call me if you wanna set something up today and we see if mario is alive today or not. And i believe it was me who said “Combos are stupid, they ruin the game” hehehehehe


good games today at EG to NAm, Aaron, Vanny, John, darko and the twins. hehehe I finally got my first streak :stuck_out_tongue: hehe Shin-sho-ing Nam and then winning… and then beating Darko right after :stuck_out_tongue: I probably can make next weeks tourney on the weekend if someone lets me knwo what day it’s on.


Vince–October 9th at Orbit, next Saturday…GGXX and 3S are the main games, no CvS2 and last I heard, no Hyper AE…

The thread on the tourney is at http://www.shoryuken.com/forums/showthread.php?t=72390

Ike–Combos are stupid. STUPID LIKE A FOX!


Hahaha, Vince getting the hang of CvS2; roll-throw and turtling like a cowardly little whore that would make Vanny cry with envy.

That’s nice that you were able to beat me (even though I wanted to get rid of that team so I didn’t put much effort through out the entire battle, an example being I walked up and threw you, like, 4 times in a friggin’ row, plus tons of other things that blatantly showed that I didn’t try at all…).
Doesn’t matter either way, a lost is a lost…just don’t get too proud and happy with that one win, but learn from the gazillion rounds that you lost to me and the other players on what you did wrong and when not do it again.
Oh yeah, and learn your characters’ most basic bread and butter combos first!!!
Just read that E-mail I sent ya, biatch.
It’ll help a lot, I think.

And who took over my game?
Did ya add to that 7 wins or so or not?

What’s Team Revo doing today (Sunday)?

I also like to add that Aaron = Anti-Vanny, that is all.

Dam roll throws own me for free. Dont worry next time my kyosuke will be amazing and i will beast with him for free.