Hamilton November Thread

hour and a half early i rock!!!

I am so skipping my lab session on MOnday to practice my Urien. I haev developed some neew traps i wanna test out. Cant reveal them cause they are top secret.


IKE YOU FUCKER THAT SHIT WAS MINE… i started it… LOL jokes… but yeah ummmm gonna play some new chars tomorrow… cuz of the sheer boringness of playing Ken all the time… and my Urien sucking…


New rule, you can’t start the new months thread until the month actually starts. I woke up this morning all stoked about starting the new thread and its already up. So to keep this short, i hate you all, rey only beasts in 3s cause im not there, and good games to Vanny, Nam, and John on sat. Egging random people on saturday night/ sunday morning was to much fun.

Darko and his scrub li… LOL…

stupid b.FP…


heheh i dont know darko if you are refering to Nam saying that or you are saying that. Cause if you are then you better come with more than enough for one match cause you want last more than 3 rounds :smiley:

As for Rey beasting soon my friends soon…it will end…

Man i wanna play 3s against all you people. I think I can probably beat rey, but i never get a chance to play cause of work. Between my two extremly complicated characters, Ken and chunli, i think i could run the show in hamilton. But then again this is all talk and no action cause i dont get the chance to play against any of you.

ya, we need another house casuals again. SOMEONE SET ONE UP!!!

i’m gonna go ahead and start on the Hamilton December thread. :badboy:


Soon guys… possibly this sunday… i have to double check with the wife.


My sister’s birthday is this weekend so I actually may end up heading back to Hamilton this weekend at some point. I’ll post when I know for sure.


i’ll be at EG at 1:00 on saturday till around 3:00… so people come play CVS2


Hehehe funny darko thing is you probably thinking about our play styles from back in the day when you played at slohawk ( ah Remy i barely knew yee… ). Here is a tip play as Chun, you’d have amuch easier time since I suck vs her for some reason.

I really hate that bitch. No like she is so gay. SA3 bait outs :lame: OWN Urien :sad: . Like i dont even have enough time to whiff a fuckin headbutt EX or LIGHT before that gay as super activates…Even though it is shit damage it really knocks down some options with ground tactics with the U-Man. Ah well ill figure it out…maybe…hehehe i guess i could learn to parry the whole thing :badboy:.

Rey…lucky lucky Rey…50% of his wins against me on that god damn machine is because of my execution sucking. And i dont know why i keep going on about it. Just gets people like Vince and Nam blah blahing about how easy it is to beat other people and stuff hehehe.

Darko: Sorry bout stealing your chance to create the thread…well not really :rolleyes: (from the looks of that post SOMEBODY was waiting around till midnight heheheh)

argh matey

Ike… silence.

BTW… Scrub Ken owns Urien for free LOL.


You like that phrase eh Vince. scrub ken this,…bringing out the scrub ken…hehehe lately it seems scrub ken is getting owned by the six foot beast with a special mirror :wow:

how bout that hehehe

next on the list for me: DASH HEADBUTT and juggle chains with EX headbutt.

On a better note today I took advantage of Rey’s boredum on the 3s machine and beat him off in the fifith round ( got in a lucky corner juggle series ) after his 13th win and ended his undefeated record againdst me wiht his Yun :encore:

I feel so fresh so clean clean clean

oh yeah so bored right now and i cant sleep. what a wonderful combonation… :tdown:


I know I said that I wasn’t going to post about this shit anymore, but Jebus’ Crotch, people keep putting words in my mouth so I’m gonna set things straight:

First of all, I have never mentioned any cities outside of Hamilton; everything I’ve said was within the bounderies of Hamilton. So whoever brought up other cities and their players, is irrevelant to the subject at hand.
Second of all, everything I’ve said was aboot 3S, so my past CvS2 records and stuff are not relevant at all to what I’ve said.
Lastly, Justin, you cannot judge someone’s gameplay until you’ve seen them play that particular game, period.
That is why I have a big “?” mark on my forehead everytime I read your post.
It seems that you easily take offense to anything remotely close to “negativity” aboot your cities and their players (even though I haven’t said a word aboot them)…just take it easy, man.

Aboot my statement (exact quote and not the reworded versions), it was meant to be lighthearted with a hint of truth.
I’ve never meant for it to be arrogant/cocky, if you interpret it as that, then that’s your problem.

Ike, sorry that I missed your post earlier.
I was gonna call you around 2 PM on Sunday, but then I noticed your vehicle was gone so I assumed you went out.
Post up or call up next time, whenever you’re not busy.

And yes, oh hell yes, I’ve only seen the first 40 mins of that VS tourney, but man, that Urien is absolutely SICK!
It’s just funny that, for some reason, his opponents doesn’t know the danger of Urien’s elbow launcher…they kept getting hit by it, and when you’re up against a good Urien player, expect to get shut out after that launch.
Heh, guess they will soon see the light and be more cautious of it the next time around.

Oh, and PM me your cell #, we got mucho to talk aboot (after viewing the entire tourney).

Vince, it wasn’t an excuse, because I’ve complained regardless if I win or lose.
Also, since when was the last time you’ve beaten me?
Seriously, I don’t recall at all.

That’s it, I will not talk aboot this no more…honest to God, this time for real, for real real!

Now let’s start this November thread with an abundance of non-homoerotic love in the air, and more trash talkin’…hehehe!

Hammer Session!!!

Unless school bogs me down which is unlikely this week, I’ll probably be coming back on the weekend. My sister’s birthday dinner thing is on Sunday but I may end up coming back on Saturday if things aren’t too busy. So unless something changes, I’ll probably drop by EG on Saturday and attend any possible Hammer session that night.

" this saturday at my place…HAMMER SESSION. Im not working on the sunday. so i can game all night. again. till 6 am . in the morning. so umm, yea… post if you can make it. "

Nam likes boys.


just kidding

" just a question for vince… What exactly does RXS mean? could it mean Rediculous X-treme shit?? I dunno. im at work… Im bored, i was just wondering…"