Hamilton/Niagara Thread 2012

Welcome to the Hamilton/Niagara 2012 thread

Most news is relayed through our Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/ghsfca/

Currently, our only weekly event is held at Patrick Sheehan’s Irish Pub in St Catharines, Ontario on Tuesdays.

Where: Patrick Sheehan’s Irish Pub
101 St Pauls Street
St Catharines, Ontario

When: Every Tuesday from 7:00PM to Whenever

What Games are Played: Usually just SSFIV:AE 2012 and UMVC3

Contacts for individual regional casuals:

Hamilton - RXS - rxs@torontotoptiers.com - @TTT_RXS
St Catharines - Zako - zachityzach@gmail.com - @ZakoLive

I will try to update this if things change.


vince, you can add my email - zachityzach@gmail.com and my twitter @Varleran if you want to that contact info

There will be KOFXIII being played at Sheehan’s this Tuesday as well as the usual AE2012 and UMVC3.

Vince: my twitter account just changed to @ZakoLive, if you feel like changing it.

Missed it by an hour tonight :frowning:

Is it cool if I grab a ride with you if you’re going there next week Vince?

Yup, I’ll be playing MK9 next week. The change of games is in preparation for EVO2012.

Vince are you blacklisting me man? Tried to get in touch with you about getting a session in I need some serious advice on my Cody, and some pointers for UMVC3. Can you get me some practice in for this?

Oh shit I forgot about that text. Nah you texted me while I was at work, so i prolly looked at it and then forgot. Sorry about that man. I’ll be going to Sheehan’s this Tuesday.

Yo vince your based out of hamilton right? Im trying to actually find hamilton peeps in hamilton that I can run sets with consistently over the summer because online just ain’t gonna cut it anymore and I can’t make it out to the st catherines casuals as consistently as id like.

Yup, I live in Hamilton in the east end. I travel a lot between Stoney Creek and Westdale though cuz my girl lives there. Just shoot me your number in PM or shoot me a message on FB.

So, 1UP Games has been back on King St West for a while now and they have a 3rd Strike machine. Is anyone up for some casuals there? Playing 3S arcade is just too amazing. If ever there’s enough interest there’s even the possibility of holding Ranbats there!

Sup Laaaser, i remember you. lol I played on that Cabinet a few weeks ago. I forgot what it was like to play on cab. I was sad because my execution is poo.

When do you usually go down there? I’d be down to play a few for sure.

@RXS Haha, yeah, that’s what SF4 will do to you ;). But really, playing on an arcade cab takes so much getting used to, I’m not there yet. I just put a square gate back into my stick at home to get used to it.

@BillCosby666 A buddy of mine (another 3S fanatic) and I are going to try and make it every Friday (1Up’s only open until 8). Unfortunately I probably won’t be there tomorrow because I have to hand in an essay by midnight. My major work for the semester’s almost done, so I’m definitely going to be going on top of Fridays, however Friday’s will still be the main day in which there will actually be more than 1 person playing the cab.

Cool, I’ll try to make it out next week then.

Yo I heard a video game lounge is opening up somewhere in hamilton and dude was looking to add some fighting games to his collection. Any word on where and how this is? My lil bro just told me bout this a few days ago.

I will send out the Raven’s on this one. If this is happening, I’m in there.

There will be some 3S games going this evening at 1UP if anyone’s interested (having it tonight because tomorrow’s Good Friday and 1Up’s closed). I’m aiming to be there around 6:15 and hoping to play until close (8:00)

I wish I checked this more often and you guys had posted it on the Facebook group. I’ll check this more frequently in the future

Ah, right. I’ll make sure to post it to the facebook group next time.