Hamilton July Thread


Who’s going by the way? Can I get a status from…


On an unrelated note, who’s free tonight?

I’m going to T7 although I may not be able to attend on Sunday.

I can be free for gaming tonight except the problem is I’m not sure anyone else is. I know Rey is going to his sister’s birthday and isn’t likely and no one else has been saying anything at all lately.

I may just go to TO and drop by Pacific Mall today or something.


Figure Vanny and Justin might get a kick out of this.

I’m in for T7… Anyone need rides?


:tup: It’ll be good to see you. It’s been quite a while. :tup:

Anyway, I’m hosting a $20 SnG + casual at my place tonight at 10:30pm. I’d like at least five players (myself included). I figure everyone is off tomorrow so no one has to be up for work.

Jimmy; are you interested in selling your nicer poker set? I figure you don’t use it much.

EDIT: I also wanted to remind everyone to drop into #gtasf on Efnet. Numbers have been down significantly as of late and I’d like to see more people in the room. For the mostpart, everyone idles online anyway so I figure it’s not killing anyone to idle in chat. MIRC is easy to use and uses almost no computer resources. Most of the best chats we’ve ever had were at random times when people were idling and walked into a convo at the right time.

I’m in for T7 but only heading up for Sat.

need some examples.

ggs last night and I’ll be free for tonight.

EDIT: Oh yeah, was good to see Bart last night too. Didn’t recognize him without the glasses…haha. Hope my cell isn’t calling you randomly anymore.

Quotebot is fuckign acting up…


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<Fobstar> 10 secs!??! That’s pretty good

<JustinOut> Annie; any word on Carabana after party?
<ppig> is carabana fun?
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<Chairojin> wow

<Nagata> OMG why is Prison Break so good?
<X-Pac786> what’s it about?
<Nagata> …
<FAISAL> it’s about a prison break
<FAISAL> jesus christ

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<RXS> some bum was hitting on my girlfriend downtown today.
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Wow, you quoted nothing with either cyrus or Green?

I remember the fun of X-pac786 not knowing who Ferris Bueller was too and bugging him about that.

where is the K K K AHVB quote?!

Looks like…


If everyone is in then it’s $100/$40/$20

Has anyone heard from Vanny? If he’s in then first place takes an extra $20

See you all at 10:30pm

1st - Gerjay ($100)
2nd - Jimmy ($40)
3rd - Jason ($20)
4th - Teddy
5th - Bryan
6th - Justin
7th - Jamie
8th - Rey

1st - Gerjay ($80)
2nd - Justin
3rd - Jason
4th - Jamie

Congratulations to Teddy for winning $225 in his SnG on Stars while we were playing.

Congratulations to Gerjay on taking both live games.

If CvS2 casual was any indication, the qualifier on Saturday should be very interesting.

EDIT: There was something I wanted to address that’s been riding me for a while now. It concerns table talk that is specific to the hand in play while there’s people still in a hand. Between last night and the night before, I was basically robbed of 3 different hands because people that weren’t involved were in my opponent’s ear. In 2 out of the 3 cases, I had the fold and knew it until the next party had something to say. The last case, involving a very big pot yesterday was a coin flip on my value bet. I don’t hold anyone responsible for how it turned out but in future I don’t need any mitigating circumstances lowering my chances of stealing a pot. My style of play involves steals more often than not and that’s a risk I’m willing to take but I’m supposed to be robbing one man, not one man and his 3rd party advisor who has the best view of the table. I rarely say something when someone has been in a pot and I ALWAYS apologize when I’ve caught myself doing it. I have enough respect for my opponents that I don’t try to fuck with their game and I’d like people to have the same respect for me. So in future, if you’re going to play in a game at my place, please keep your thoughts to yourself until after the hand is mucked or simply put you’re not welcome back.

On a side note, I wanted to thank everyone for keeping it far more quiet last night than in the past. No one slammed the door thank goodness. There was a bit of yelling but not so much that it really was an issue. I appreciate the courtesy to my home and my neighbors. Dealing with my super every time I have guests over isn’t something I need to go through.

I’m sorry for the table talk on the Saturday night. I hadn’t drank in a while, and usually when i begin to feel buzzed I just start saying random things. If it cost you some pots, I’m really sorry about that. Next time, I’ll work on keeping quiet.

wtf straight? isn’t that like 5 numbers that are kinda close together? And I get an A for effort?

No he’s talking about me wondering wtf that 900 into a 6500 pot was all about. Sorry. But you didnt have to wait till SRK, you had no problem the whole game and said nothing. I always thought it was a fun casual poker game where $20 isnt really a big deal… which is why I talk, but I have no problem playing like at a casino.

It’s a simple courtesy. We’re all competitive players whether it’s SF or poker. The stakes don’t matter to me. I’ll play $5 at Lessard’s, $20 at my place, $50 with my friends from Brampton, hell I’ve entered a couple of the $300 monthlies at Rama. it doesn’t matter to me. I plan on being good at this game down the line and playing “like a scrub” (excuse the analogy) just because it’s a friendly game is no excuse.

I knew fully well I was in Gerjay’s head on that hand. The guy was wearing his broken draw all over his face. I had two choices, bet all in with my busted draw or play off the fact you Teddy had just told him not even five hands prior that I would be a better player with the value bet. I don’t know about everyone else, but I try to pay attention to these things. I value bet it, his draw was dead, and then you start yapping. Would he have called without another person in his ear? I don’t know, and I wouldn’t presume to say conclusively one way or another. I do know that no player in a pot that could make or break the game needs someone putting in their two cents when they’re not involved though.

No, but the fact that you never have said anything about it means that at best one would assume it was tolerable. This has nothing to do with stakes. Everyone tries to win, but you know full well that for most of us while we’re there, it’s to have fun and improve. (And even for some people, it’s just for fun). I know full well what you’re saying and I know I fucked up, but I always thought this was a game where you could play seriously and help each other out, and you yourself didnt seem to have a problem when we were discussing reads during hands or talking to me while I decided what to do with my A-K on that K-J-9 board.

Yes I understand just because it’s a friendly game that you are always trying to win, but I always thought it was tolerable to discuss this shit, seeing as there was never a problem until it screwed yourself over.

Lastly, if you want to improve, I strongly suggest not blaming others for the way things turned out. Blaming luck for everything bad that happens to you is exactly like someone crying “Orbit sticks” when they lose at Orbit. There were a number of hands I (and others if I discussed your hands with them) feel you played poorly but you would never admit to it. This is not an insult as I used to be the same way, but fixing your own game by yourself is the hardest thing to do in poker because you are always trying to convince yourself that what you did was right. You should accept criticism at times even if you don’t agree, and you will get better.

I was set to blow my top after the giant pot with Gerjay but I just held it together. I didn’t want to explode and then go on tilt. I had played well most of the night and I know one of my big problems is that I lose a big hand and then the game that has been good to me goes to the wayside and I play like an idiot. I actually tried to address this issue months ago at Lessard’s place when it first came up but it was disregarded. No big thing, Lessard’s game is a joke (it’s not a disrespect, the game is a joke and we all know it) and should never be taken seriously. I see in retrospect I shouldn’t have been in your ear during the AK pot. For that I apologize and I apologize to whomever you were playing that might have taken down a bigger pot that game.

I have every right to blame other people for the way certain hands played out. If I’ve made the right read and the right play and someone else puts in their two cents swaying the opinion of the opponent I know I have mentally beat then why shoudln’t I complain? Every major player will tell you to play the player, not the cards. While you can’t take it at complete face value, it has strong merit and it’s the game I try to play.

Sure I made some horrible moves last night. I let Jason make his rivered straight to my top pair (I even told him flat “I’ll let you make your draw”). I let Bryan hit runner runner clubs when I flopped top two pair. I let Gerjay hit runner runner diamonds when I had two pair. They were very costly hands and retrospect shows I should have made stronger moves early. I make no excuses for those hands whatsoever. They were the only hands I felt I played poorly though and if you have examples I’m forgetting then by all means site them.

Bottom line is that I got robbed a few times over the last few days and I’d like to avoid those particular situations in the future considering what little effort (or no effort at all) it takes to keep quiet during a hand.

Don’t know if this will help at all or not… but it was Teddy’s initial “What a value bet” that made me scared to instantly call that 900 to be honest. The only reason was just as you said, you talked about it earlier and how you needed to add some value betting to your game to milk the hand. And to be honest… I wanted to pay you off for it. Then Teddy talked about the value bet a bit, and I was considering folding, since I figured I couldn’t stand up to anything really.

I think you made a great play, but with a 900 bet instead of like… 2000 bet, I was calling no matter what. If you bet 2000 on the other hand into the 7k pot, you’d have won it for sure.

Out of curiosity, anyone seen used copies of AE or CvS2 for PS2 at any local stores?

Justin, if that was your legit AE last night, think I might be able to borrow it until T7? Wish I’d thought of asking last night but noooo…of course I have to be an idiot and wait until today…:rolleyes: