Hamilton Feb 2 Double O 5

Here’s the Feb thread.

So what’s going on for the Orbit tournament?

Im in for the tourney on saturday. Is anyone else going. I guess i can drive since i get paid today :clap: . Other then that fuck you all.

i’m sitting the next tourney out, but i’m definitly hitting METRO with John on the 19th. I think there will be alot more peopel at METRO due to the whole hating of Jap sticks by alot of the players (why this is eludes me).


I’m in saturday, random K groove that shit

Rey, Your to random to come with me. Plus i dont wanna take you there and everyone is like why did you bring that cheater with out.

Just kidding, you can come.

heh…it’s only cheating if you get caught…and yes blanka has invincible frames on his blanka ball if you time it right :badboy:

We wouldn’t want people who dress up ewoks and call them little girlfriends to come with us anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

Darko, are you driving to the tournament?


dam message is to short so im adding this for the sake of adding it

Do you mind taking me and Rey with you?

if its this weekend i wanna come too. i gotta pick up some shit at pacific.

john has to goto the pron shop that closed before he could go last time :p…or buy another big-ass maro-mashi…or whatever that was

K, in my car vanny, rey, john.

Dam today is a retardidly slow day. Wonder how many more times I’m gonna post from work.

darko>>I hear ya…went to the arcade played Tekken 5 then people stopped playing me…so I left so here I am again

no CVS2 there yet…and MVC2 controls got worse

Hey vince, don’t you work at that arcade? Get on top of shit and fix those dam mvc2 buttons.

What time should we meet up on Saturday morning? Do you mind making a Tim Horton’s stop. And the other thing, is your car a non-smoking establishment?

Do you got a CD player? Cause usually me and rey listen to Eddie Murphy’s Raw or Delirious before tournaments to relax ourselves.

We can leave whenever. Yes you can smoke in my car. Yes i got a cd player. What kind of question is that, i got a tempo you know that shit is top of the line and has a cd player in it.

And yes we will make a tim hortons stop.


My God, you ARE psychic.

Now I feel kinda sad for CvS2 players at Waterloo.

Even though that arcade machine at EG had a fucked up roundhouse button, and the two sticks were kinda different, it was still a perfectly functional machine.
I also wouldn’t mind chipping in some dough if people are willing to go through with it.
It’s just not right to let it go to waste.

Maybe then, we could sell it to Estarburst, have them fix the buttons and Waterloo won’t be CvS2-less.

Edit: The fuck? I just realized I was repeating what Jamie had said…

About coming back to Hamilton, I’m actually coming back this weekend and next weekend. So I’ll be around on Friday night if anything is up(probably be in Hamilton around 7-7:30) so if anyone wants to go with a tuneup thing for Orbit the next day, just say so.

I won’t be going to Orbit for the Sat thing, though. Family thing.

You just gotta know how to read the stars. I have the sight, the vision, the talent. I actually predicted you were going to type “My God, you ARE psychic” before your hands even touched the keyboard. I’m that damn good. :karate:

Doesn’t explain why I can’t predict everything anyone throws at me in a Street Fighter game and win every tourney I enter but…well, we can overlook that…yeah. :xeye:

i was disappointed that the store closed when we got there. We could’ve made it if we didnt circle around the mall 6 times.