Hamilton April 2006 Thread

Word on the street is that Jamie actually doesn’t like cock.

APRIL FOOLS!!!:looney:


speaking of Jamie,

another Jamie sighting surfaced on the internet…


lol, how could anyone believe that Jamie doesn’t love teh cock?!?

I’m hitting Boston Pizza around 5:30pm. If you’re attending, please SHOW UP ON TIME! They’re not going to hold seats on the biggest night for wrestling when they’ve got tons of people dying ot see the show.

this is the boston pizza in burlington right?

Yes… Guelph Line & South Service Road.


They all look like Jamie, and notice the Japanese/Asian dude flexing his muscles in the background, haha.


I’m working on Tuesday. I swear if anybody ever wanted to burn down a dollar store now is the time to join me. On top of that it’s crunch time at the college now. In a week or two I’ll be freem from all this and it’ll be time to pick up Marvel once again. Until than keep practicing and maybe we’ll get somewhere with all this very soon.

:rofl: “What’s a Banff?” :rofl:

Isn’t that the sound effect Nightcrawler does when he teleports in X-men comics?

Casual at my place from Noon - whenever you go home. MvC2 and CvS2 are on the docket. I don’t have my PS2 (it’s on loan) so it’s only DC stuff this time around.


Whats going on this weekend.

:rofl: You must be broke again :rofl:

I’m actually free tonight. I was going to hit up Hess Vellage but rain = the lose.

Casual? Poker? I’d be happy to host after 10:00pm.

GG’s to everyone last night…

  • The less said about how John won the poker tournament the better

  • My game’s really coming together except for my Chun Li, which is horrible.

  • Jimmy farts… A LOT!

  • I use Nako/Chun/Vega just to be a jerk to Vanny and it’s the only game he beats me.

If you guys want to go another round I’m free tonight and willing to host poker/casual again.

That’s cause my negative-edged-delayed-get-up-throw was too good… and lucky…

I should be able to come down tonight. At about 10ish again?

I work until 10 so you guys can come by at 11:00pm until whenever.

luck is a one of my many skills when playing casual :slight_smile:

I think that luck is my only skill. Considering that blocking is one of the things that i can’t do very well.