Hamilton 2005 January thread!

Happy New Years!! :clap:

wooohoo! Yoinked by the Hamilton-SRK newb! :encore: CHEERS to everyone out partying!

that shit reads 12:07 you didnt’ go out



happy new year people

Happy New Years folks. OH that and by the way… i’ll know what the tenative tourney dates are for the Cove by the end of the week.


Happy new years!
any sober ppl goin to eastgate today?

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… :zzz: Happy new year.

n/m, just got home and saw empty parking lot at EG.

GG’s with Rey and Nam yesterday. Rey’s A Blanka/Sagat/Rolento was such a whore of a team. Fucking Rolento always making the comeback on B Team and Team Weapon X. Had to use top team to stop the bleeding. :tdown:

Nam should never use S Groove again. :lol:

What happened to Vanny, Darko and Vince? :confused:


Darko was there u werent I had to get shit ready for the party at night.

I was there at 2. But you weren’t. So I went to buy a new toothbrush and decided to go home for a shit. After the shit, I felt tired. So I just vegged.

Happy New Year!

Spent New Year’s Eve at Niagara Falls…Fallsview Casino is hot stuff but it seems like every time I go to Niagara, I never have much money to throw around…doh.

Gonna be in Hamilton next weekend for a family thing…might even make another trip during the week if I’m really really bored.

Hey cool, I was at Niagara earlier… but since the traffic would’ve been horrible later on at night, we decided to head back early before the crazy drunks and partiers came rolling in. Although we did see Niagara on the TV, and it was ass-packed, so glad we were outta there early! Beautiful scenery along the edges of the railing though.

i was at EG WAY earlier… then i decided i was lazy and wanted some love, so i went to my girls house.



Damn it, I know I can play S-groove, it’s just that the short and roundhouse buttons always fucks up on me everytime I wanted to dodge/charge.
So I couldn’t do what I wanted to do.
Playing with the ambiguity of those 2 buttons is annoyingly fun, though.
And with Rey RC-electing me in my face every chance he gets, that makes the pain that much more enjoyable. :wink:

Heh, I realized I don’t do RC-electricity enough when playing as Blanka…
That’s it, next time it’s dash, rc-elect all over the motherfucking place.
Fuck that shit…

If you’re facing anyone even 1/2 decent you’ll be thrown… a lot. :tup:

Tell me all you guys are coming to York University Tourney except Rey who I know can’t make it. I want this HUGE!


Yeah, but you can mix it up (rc/non-rc) and the risk/reward ratio is great (siding heavily on the reward factor).
Counter hit electrictiy is what? 1000000 hit points?
And opponents will be reluctant to try and throw if they get hit by the electricity a couple of times beforehand.
After that, you can mix more shit up, like, getting a couple of your own throws in, also, and stuff.
So, counter-hit elect + potentially being ahead on the mental part of the game > getting throwns a couple of times.

I mean, the Japanese WHORE this move, but you don’t see them get thrown that often by the other Japanese, it’s just too damn risky.

Oh, and the dash-rc thing is an exaggeration on my part, I’m just gonna rc-elect much more often now than before.

Wow, talking aboot games; something this thread hasn’t seen in AGES. :wink:

I won’t be able to make it to the York tourney, Saturdays = a no no for me.
Hoping other Hamiltonians will make it, though (rep the city of steels, fools!).

When is the york tourney

Yeah, it was insanity. I was at the concert there and it was insanely packed. The Trews + Collective Soul = lots of people. A lot more compared to a couple of years ago when Snow was playing and nobody cared. It was really really muddy and I was getting pushed this way and that way but it was worth it though.

Not that its a big deal, but I’m pretty sure I got on TV a couple of times cause the camera was like right over my head a couple of times. I wish I brought a “Team Hammer WHAT?!?” sign with me…:lol:

The Casino was completely packed too but then again, it would probably be like that most weekends anyway…damn gambling addicts…:tup:


ya my firends went there, where were you staying Jamie? i know they mentioned a “Jamie” was with them which was my one friends buddy from work heh, when they said that i though “hmm maybe SRK Jamie?” lol

Nah, wasn’t me, I was just with my girlfriend. There were a lot of random drunk people talking to me though so maybe they might have been people you know…is a small world… :karate:

Anything interesting gaming wise happening in Hamilton this week? I’m going to be hella bored this week…

EDIT: Full screen Power Dunk > Me