Could this be used to achieve less lag in online play. Obviously the ppl would have to be connected to the same hamachi server, I’m not too familiar with kailllera yet so im not sure if theres a udb/lan option so you can play as if your on the same LAN. Starcraft players have been using hamachi regularly now, and the results have been fantastic.

what is it? more info?

well its a networking client where you create a server, once you have ppl in a server together its as if you are connected via LAN aka super fast, you can hardly feel lag at all. For example starcraft/warcraft3 or w/e when you switch from battlenet to Hamachi it’s like a totally different game. So it should achieve nearly lagless results…if kaillera can utilise it.

But, how much does it affect network latency?

It doesn’t.

Or at least, It isn’t ever noticeable affected it when I’ve used it.

But I don’t think it will work in the way he is thinking. I’ve never heard of it being used to play a game that normally doesn’t have online play all of a sudden work online.

But, For games where net play relies on say, opening up ports to allow direct connections. Hamachi lets you bypass all of that. A few friends of mine have no clue how to open ports so we can’t do things like play melty blood re-act online due to closed ports.

Well, Using hamachi, We can play play all those p2p games against each other without worrying about opening ports and what not.
Just as his starcraft example. Hamachi gets used in a lot of RTS 1v1 games where people don’t feel like opening up ports to directly connect to each other to play/host/connect to a game.

Actually that’s not 100% true. Hamachi is basically a free software VPN. Which means any game that has a local LAN mode can be played via the internet. Because the machines that connect through Hamachi are effectively on the same network. This mostly applies to older games and or games whose online hosting services no longer exist. So you could play a game like Flesh Feast which only had LAN and HEAT.net support for multiplayer, over a Hamachi network.

Now as for lag… well that’s not an issue of the software, but an issue of location. Hamachi won’t magically change anything that a P2P connection couldn’t. Keep in mind that there is a little overhead with the VPN, but for most games it won’t be noticable. In Kaillera’s case I doubt you’d see a huge difference. One side still needs to host a server, which is no different than not using Hamachi (ping-wise).

The only real benefit, as someone already stated, is that with Hamachi, since you’re effectively on the same LAN, you often do not need to open any extra ports for the connections you wish to make after the fact.

Hope that helps a little.

Nice, you are a lot more knowledgeable then me, but does Kaillera support lan play so that you can even use Hamachi to see if there is any difference?

I use Hamachi for P2P

You can play with kaillera on any kind of network supporting the IPv4 which most definitely include local area networks be it ethernet or otherwise.

yeah ive used this before. it works very good for Quake 3: arena, i never used it for mame though.

BTW heres the site to download. check out the other sections too…


So ppl who have hamachi can play any pc games supporting lan networking?

exactomundo, or do anything you would normally do with netoworked computers including sharing files, sharing printers, the works, it’s a very useful tool.

In that case let me be bold enough to be the first to start a general SRK Hamachi server, the idea is you join the server and once online anyone there can start matchmaking. Name: SRK server Pass: SRK server

important note: I believe hamachi is case sensitive so caps it is.

iite yo. I was just gonna make one but your name and pass seems more practical so Im joining yours. Anybody join up so we can try to get some games.

Here is my Starcraft Network:
Name: SCBrood
Password: fuckingsc

Here is a very very good website where you can find various networks for different games:
Just click on Public Networks and search for the game you want to play.

We used to play on Hamachi

Server: SRKSNK
Password: 123

I wonder if anyone sent an email to the creators of the emulators to enable online support through hamachi. I haven’t tried to play any emulators online for over 4 years now. I need to get back into it though. I have however been playing a lot of my RTS games over hamachi. How well do sidescrolling beatem ups and shumps play over kaillera?


Hamachi is great for P2P. Since I am hardwired to a router I have problems connecting to a peer via real IP but somehow I am able to connect when I’m using Hamachi without configuring anything.

Hamachi P2P beats playing on a Kaillera server with LAN connection. You don’t get random lag spikes and rarely lose connection. Usually, I’m able to play 3s non-stop on p2p without it ever desyncing.

Hamachi + 0746 p2p client + Mame++ 0.118u4

I used this program for the first time with a friend who is also new to it. We were worried because we are both behind routers. We figured out how to use it, got connected and playing Supreme Commander together in less than 3 min.

It’s easy to use and it does its job well. 10/10

Yeah I’ve been using this program with many games because my friend and I have the same isp that blocks ports which is bs. Just tried with SF3, worked very well as expected.

Port forwarding is basically impossible on my setup so I’m going to look into this. The site looks nice and professional at least. Hope I can figure it out without any serious issues.

Okay, enabling “simple file sharing” seems a bit questionable. What exactly do the network peers get access to?