Halp! SF4 TE stick fuxxed?

So my SF4 TE stick started some strange behavior.

When I plug it into my 360, the green lights flash for 1 brief moment on the guide button, and then turn off. Off, and the console doesn’t recognize it and I can’t play with it.

Any ideas what’s going on?

Holy shit man, you must have discovered the fourth layer of yomi. Too good.

You wouldn’t happen to be like…yknow…

trying to play VF5 with that stick are you?

Cause if so, you just solved your own problem! jk jk
Hope you get to the bottom of it. That stick is too expensive for those kinda problems.

Try plugging it into your computer maybe? It’s possible it might be a problem with the 360 itself. I doubt it, but it’s worth a shot at least

TE stick has hella random problems like that. For instance, mine has a broken button on it, from the day I got it. Luckily im just buying new buttons but whatevs. You should send it back to madcatz they will replace it for free, at least thats what the warranty said. Just don’t open it up.

I know for the SE stick I had, it had problems when I would try to play it with HDR…of course now it doesn’t jump either but yeah…

NOTE: SE stick…not Greasey Jenkins

I made a custom stick using a 360 PCB, and I ran into this with my first attempt. Check inside (unless that voids warranty) to see if any wires have come loose off the circuit board. I believe this happened when I accidentally stripped one of the wire strands that makes up the USB cable off the PCB. My PC would not detect that controller under these circumstances, either. I can’t imagine why that would be the case on a quality factory-built stick like this, but I guess it’s not impossible.

Agreed with Ross. Don’t open it up, and contact Madcatz. If you did open it, let Blake take a look at it. He did build the best stick in the Northwest.

we are talking madcatz here

I thought it was just sold by MadCatz but completely sourced/assembled from Sanwa parts? Maybe even just building a LEGO set correctly is too much to ask for from these guys.

The problem is in the PCB, which can be random at times.

I would trust Pablo, he knows many things.

The only thing sanwa about it is the actual joystick and the buttons, the circuitry which is faulty in Julien’s stick is ALLLLLLL MADCATZ BABY. As is the box of course.

Called madcatz and yeah their answer is to box it up and send it in… so I guess I’m glad I kept my old hori ex 2 around :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help guys

I’ve had problems with this on 360 Hori sticks as well…

Two of them pretty much died a year and a half ago. One was dropped, the other seemed like it had short out while I plugged it into a system that was already on.

Out of the two sticks I currently have, one of them now requires being plugged in while the machine is off, then turning the machine on. If I plug the controller in while the machine is already running, the green circle flashes and well, nothing else–just keeps flashing. I think this stick was dropped by one of my customers.