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Halo is more than just a game, it’s a universe.
Learn more about the lore of Halo here

Part 1 - http://imgur.com/gallery/bI6Ih
Part 2 - http://imgur.com/gallery/kqPGw

First Look at Halo NightFall

Official Website - http://halo.xbox.com/halo4/en-GB/


Gameplay Footage


flood is MP only

more to come

Things to take note of, everyone has a sprint function.

Live Action: Forward Unto Dawn


Episode 1:

I’m pretty :coffee: about Halo, but I’ll check out that Forward Unto Dawn video :tup:

Same I haven’t bought into the hype, I’ll play it mainly just to see where the story goes. Forward Unto Dawn looks like it will be great, much better than the animes.


I can’t wait for this game.
not gonna like, Single player > MP right now. to much like COD for me. However, maybe they’ll get it done the first time where it takes good constant iterations.

Halo Reach didnt do much for me but since i loved Halo 2 so much i’ve been buying every halo game ever since then…hopefully halo 4 will be just as good!

Yea I like Halo’[s single player offerings and I really enjoy the universe so I’ll be coppin this. Looks fun, I like the new enemies.


Episode 2

I played Halo 3 to death with cousins before SF4 came out, We still played often but they all migrated to COD when reach disappointed us.

But looking at videos of this game, I’m still iffy on the multiplayer. Graphically though, I’ve been impressed throughout, especially with the light treatment in forge.

Apparently someone over at Neogaf got hold of a copy early. MS have the police hunting the thief down.


lol @ first comment "uh oh"
Don’t know why people risk doing stupid shit like this :wtf:

And apparently not just him. The game(both discs) has been uploaded to certain sites as an ISO. Anyone with a hacked Xbox can play it.


Now this looks interesting

make sure to buy some MTN GAMER FUEL! yeeaaah!

Day 1 redbox rental for me. I love me some halo single player.

MS pulling youtube vids from their own company :lol:

Heres a mirror

TFO, what does that mean ^?

The originally post containing the trailer for Infinity was from the Halo Way Point channel, but MS in their infinite wisdom pulled down the video claiming copyright :lol:
But by the looks of it, they’ve realised the error

Well in Reach they had a control set up called ‘Recon’ that resembled Halo 2/3’s controls.

Hopefully these dudes do the same thing.

Yo I hope we don’t have to switch between discs on some Mass Effect shit. Fuck that.

“We really wanted the player to feel like they’re immersed in the Halo® universe. Constant interaction with their Limited Edition Halo 4® Xbox 360® Console disc-tray is a big part of that.”

–343 Industries

Those niggas did it

I’m not taking credit but I spammed the hell out of Halo Reach boards in support of paraplegic gamer Askacapper (I even made a thread here which got a good amount of support), I also made a point of emphasizing how much Bungie missed a trick by not including the CoD gamepad layout, most people had a lot of difficulty overcoming muscle memory, not having a custom control scheme hindered their enjoyment of the game.

People that played the beta said there were loads of control schemes available so I imagine Halo 2/3’s recon and bumper jumper should be included.

/cool story bro

This time round Infinity is part of match making, so like Halo 3 ODST you will have disc one for campaign and disc two for multiplayer, but I’m hoping unlike ODST they’ve integrated Infinity into matchmaking. ODST you had campaign and firefight on disc 1 but multiplayer on disc 2 :looney: