Halloween tourney/costume contest richmond, va

GAMES: Street Fighter IV, Super Street Fighter II
DATE: November 1st
TIME: 3:00. Registration starts at Noon.
LOCATION: Play N Trade Video Games in Short Pump, 10 miles west of Richmond. Address:

4336 Pouncey Tract Rd.
Glen Allen, VA 23060

For questions or directions call (804) 612-1985

SFIV: Double elimination, $10 entry fee. Guaranteed $200 minimum first prize regardless of turnout. ALL ENTRY FEES WILL GO TOWARDS THE PRIZE POOL! 2nd and 3rd place will also get at least their entry fee back. The prize pool is entirely dependent on turnout, aside from the guaranteed $200 for first.

SSFII: Prize pool depends ENTIRELY on turnout, although all entry fees will go into the prize pool.

We’re still working out which systems we’re going to use. You will be able to bring your own sticks but we will NOT provide them for you.

We’ll be accepting pre-registration fees as of September 15th. I will provide information on that as the date approaches.

We will also be having a COSTUME CONTEST for $50 in store credit. Costumes should be video game related, though they don’t necessarily have to be Street Fighter.

Feel free to come out and challenge us, we play almost every day. We’ll see you there!

I assume this is for SF4?

Ahh yes, SF4 and SF2. Updating original post ASAP