Hall of fame

Hey guys, I, like most newbies, often do a lot of research about top players in which to learn from their match vids. I often come across huge names like Valle, Choi, Daigo, J Wong, so on and so forth. It got me to wondering, why isn’t there some sort of hall of fame to celebrate players that have been around the scene for a long time and are top calibur players. I’m not trying to be a fan boy or anything, but I thought that it may be an interesting way to celebrate great players. I wasn’t sure as to where to post this thread so I put it in the Evo section, because i thought that a hall of fame type thing could take place at Evo.

:confused: do you play for the fanzies??? :confused:

A few years ago the evo2k site use to have a “Players to beat” for each game that I thought was kinda cool, but it disappeared. Had a photo and a brief bio with what they had done in that game.

I remember that :lol:

I think that shit will bring too much drama now a days. Nigga be crying as to why they aren’t on the list.

why isn’t their a booth where all us fanboys can pay to fellate the top players at Evo?


I was in that book for “Players to beat!”