Hair Growth Fast?

Weird place to ask for help with this, I know. But has anyone found any tips/tricks to growing their hair out fast? I have about three and a half months to grow it as long as I can. Any pointers are welcome.


Women’s hair grows faster then mens. You could talk estrogen or a photoestorgen like pueraria mirifica to make your hair grow faster. Of course you’d also grow boobs…

plait/corn roll your hair will speed up hair growth

minoxidil, you can buy it generic I think. Either way, the way it works is to drive your blood pressure through the roof and keep your hair in the stage where it grows, instead of sheds. Won’t cure being bald, but should make you a shaggy mess quick.

Wonder if weed would offset that high blood pressure ^___^ interesting tip though dude, will give that some research

Eat a bunch of protein

minoxidil is generic rogain, and used to raise your BP. It works. Your hair stays longer in the growing phase and doesn’t shed as fast.

I dunno what it will do, but it should make your hair grow out.

I had LBP for a bit and had to take it, I had to get a hair cut nearly weekly.

hair skin nail vitamins, fish oil, (both found at cvs), and going outside works. You might also try GOOGLE YOU LAZY BUM

Beef jerky, rogaine, vitamin E and B and some Head and Shoulders.

I’m not balding, I just want to have long hair by the time I attend a concert on July 22nd, so I wonder what type of side-effects I’ll get from the rogaine because of that.

I am fool, haha but you never know what kind of obscure ass tips you’ll find on this site ^___^

None for the most part. Long fucking story but I ended up with very LBP and had to take minoxidil, which is generic rogaine, I don’t know if you can buy it over the counter or anything like that, to spike my BP, I turned into a shaggy mess and had to get hair cut each week. But I keep my hair short (almost shaved at times) so I notice it faster.

Monixidil, aka rogaine, was originally a blood pressure drug, it has the side affect of keeping your hair in the growing stage longer.

Your hair is made out of carotine (I misspelled that I know), same crap as your nails. So calcium and protein will help of course.

heh, google is fun, you can buy it over the counter and in bulk, here are the problems…

  • Side Effects of Minoxidil:

The most common side effects of minoxidil are rapid, moderate weight gain (<5 pounds) and rapid heart beat. If you gain more than 5 pounds after starting minoxidil, or your heart rate rises by more than 15 to 20 beats per minute (at rest), you should see your doctor. Other side effects may include:

* Swelling
* Low blood pressure
* Dizziness
* Nausea; loss of appetite
* Unwanted hair growth 

The accumulation of fluid (swelling, edema) sometimes caused by minoxidil can be a problem if you have a weak heart or known heart disease. Tell your doctor if you notice swelling in your hands, feet, or ankles. *

My hair grows pretty fast, in particular my facial hair. Some people just have good genes when it comes to hair I guess.

Weight gain? : |

Did you notice any weight gain? I could probably afford to gain a couple pounds but I’m happy at 145. And I should notice the effects in how long? I have about 3 months to conduct this experiment.

The story is told, though who can say if it be true, of an ancient japanese spear called the Kemono no Yari…

I honestly don’t know! If I did I’d say it, but no clue here. Chain smoke?

The box says apply at the vertex, if I just apply it there will it grow throughout my entire head?

maybe the instructions are wrong on the box and someone on srk will know

Maybe :smiley:

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i heard sucking alot of cock helps your hair grow faster