Hail to the holy hash! first church of cannibus

You knew this was coming, I knew this was coming. Why do I want to spam the gif? Look at the first picture of the article. How many black people do you see in the ‘Congregation’?

Laugh with me as we pray in the name of the Purple Haze. Amen.



I wish to preach… this message… Have you heard… COUGH COUGH!! white cloud … tha good news?

“The Cannaterians, a group which counts its worshipers in the thousands and asks its members for a $4.20 tithing per month”

Weed people are absurd. Take way too much lride in the facr thag thry smoke drugs

Soon weed be totally legal in America and then the world. :smile:

The black dude in the picture did not know what he signed up for. He got the “my sidechick trying to get a picture together” face. He doesn’t want to let nobody find out he associates himself with those weird people lol. That nigga was prolly like “I’m bout to hella blaz… Who the fuck are these people?”

We all need to get together, and pray to our lord. His time is now.



I love this on so many levels. I’m not a pot head but I do enjoy the stuff. I’m more excited that people are making a mockery of that ridiculous law and using it to get stuff like this going. Big LOLs at the butthurt pastor in the article claiming it isn’t a religion.

I’m sure their religious icon will be a sullen-eyed, half-naked Snoop Dogg nailed on a cross, wearing a crown of buds.

And on the third day his followers rolled away the rock from the tomb, only to see a silhouette in a wondrous fog. The messiah ascended into the cloudsmoke above, promising to return when he gets hungry…

Puff Puff Pray

The most peaceful religion of the world, unless they take their weed away.

Yeah, some stoners can get really mad when their weed is gone since they are actually addicted to it and use it as crutch for their problems.

Gives new meaning to “worshiping He who is the Most High”…

Interesting note: there is precedent for this as there are religions which take hallucinogenics as part of their religious practices. Their use for those religious practices is protected.

Altar boys ain’t gonna be swinging incense anymore though.

IiRC, Rastafarians smoke mj as part of their religious beliefs.

I remember somebody had as their sig,“I’m a Rastafarian MC. My Religion is to smoke you.” a while back. I never thought about that until I saw this post. Well, Weed sales should soon rip the roof off as “the new churches” pop up everywhere. I can see the stoners exploiting the FUCK outta this literally Godly advantage. Weed be legal, and it was someone trying to legalize hate that finally did it.

Let’s see now. If I remember correctly, it was the KKK who were the major hand behind prohibition. They wanted to stop something seen primarily as the livelyhood of “Outsiders” like immigrants. Well, we see how well that worked out.

The attempts to stop certain music, Rap and Rave being among the ones I know of…Whoops. That didn’t work.

Now the attempt to use a Law to discriminate against Gays and Lesbians by saying,“It’s a part of my religion.” And now we have this.


Now he needs the cloudz in the background to go with the laugh. Maybe a rainbow sky too.


And that isn’t true for siggarette smokers? Or obese eaters. Or alcoholics? Or etc etc.