Hacking PS3 controller

Hey guys, I am currently working on a project of modifying a PS3 controller for handicapped people. But the recent PS3 controllers have very small PCB’s and no FPC (the plastic membrane on which the circuit of buttons is placed) connectors and I am not able to solder on it. Also even if I solder on it I dont think it will recognize the analog buttons. I tried that by installing Motioninjoy software and it didnt detect the analog buttons or the pressure sensitive buttons. Can anyone help me with a way around it…?? Also I bought an Axisdapter and I would like to know if I connect the PS3 controller with FPC connectors on both and connect it with push buttons on Axisdapter (cuz thats how the Axisdapter is designed) will it work…?? Its just like using Axisdapter for Arcade buttons.

Head up on Ben Heck, there is a forum/site that touched on this subject.

Okay cool. Thanks bro.